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April Adventure

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Click on the map to enlarge. The numbers represent where we stopped for the night.


On this adventure I am joined by my brother.  


The plan is to get deep into PA before calling it a day.


Our dad was in town when we split. He took some nice shots of our departure.


So we were off! 


We took Route 78 across NJ and PA.


Kep (bro) forgot to bring a sleeping bag so we had to stop on the way at a crazy store for the outdoorsman. Welcome to Cabela’s.  It’s truly an amazing store if you like outdoorsman or sportsman activities. He got a nice sleeping bag and I got one of those headlamp head bands. I should have gotten one of the a long time ago.


We rode well into the evening. Unfortunately night fell and we missed a turn, so the coffee shop shaped like a coffee pot will have to be a site for another day.


Our first night on the road we stayed in a hotel. 

The next day we rode through Pittsburgh.


This shot is taken from across the river by an old incline rail line.



We rolled into town to see an old prison then we hit the road.


As we were leaving Pittsburgh I saw a horrible sight. A beautiful large hawk was taking off from the side of the road and was clipped by the car in front of us. It was like  watching a slow motion movie as the hawk struggled for flight and spiraled down to the highway next to me. Very unsettling. Let’s eat!


Say hello to the “Big J” at Janoski’s.. All of this cost less then a Egg McMuffin meal from McDonalds. Damn good too.

We rode to Columbus Ohio. We wanted to see the Motorcycle Hall of Fame. Not on Easter Day fellas! So from my original plan, we ended up not seeing the coffe shop shaped like a coffe pot, George Washington’s headquarters from the Whiskey Rebellion, and the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame. After that we didn’t see Hopewell Indian site and Serpant Mound. I am fairly certain the Smokey Mountains will still be there when we arrive.

In the Southern Ohio town of Portsmouth we stopped to see these murals. We were told about them by a local woman working at a rest stop. 


The murals depict the history of Portsmouth and Ohio.


Here’s is a painted cat sniffing Kep’s finger.


A real dog checking out the painted sunset.


This particular section represents the oldest motorcycle club in Ohio which still exists right down the street.


Here is the Club.

Also in Portsmouth was something I read about on the internet. If I know my route, I like to research the journey to see if there is anything of interest along the way. While investigating this trip I came across the site of an Old Jail in Portsmouth, OH. I was speaking to one of the locals who lived down the street and he told me that this was no jail. It was the Old Mule Stable for the brewery. And the big pile of bricks in the lot next door was the ice house for the brewery (it blew down in February). He said in the winter they would cut giant blocks of ice right out of the Ohio River and the mules would drag them up to the ice house. 


After some lunch in Ohio we crossed over to Kentucky and found a place to camp at Blue Licks Battleground State Park.


It’s always nice to make new friends on the road. This guy stopped by to play fetch for a while. Really, we played fetch.

On the way South the next day we stopped by this cool old house in Richmond, KY.


Inside we talked to the lady who works at a tourism office. It was the first time I actually heard someone use the term “Old Timey” (A term I had only knew from the movie “Oh Brother Where Art Thou”, “These boys is not white! These boys is not white! Hell, they ain’t even old timey!“, Homer Stokes). 


They had some old artifacts and furninture including one of only seven unforms still in existance from the Revolutionary War.


While in Kentucky I tried to hit the Colonel up for the secret recipe, but he wasn’t talking

From there we  camped at the Cumberland Gap.


 We got some Poterhouse steaks, some beer and had a good night around the campfire. That night it rained A LOT! Here is Kep’s tent in the morning.


We then rode down to the Smokey Mountains where we are now. I am sitting in a coffee shop just outside the park in a town called Townsend, TN. 


Tail of the Dragon


The Tail of the Dragon is part of Route 129 in Tennessee and ends in Deals Gap NC. This part of the road has 318 turns in only 11 miles. It’s a bikers dream come true. It’s a test of fortitude and skill. A place to push it to the limit, and we did! I was whipping around turns at such speeds and leaning the bike so far that my foot pegs scraped the ground! That’s a thrill! Freaked me out!

Click Here for an aerial view of The Tail of the Dragon.


This is a gathering spot along the Dragon.


Here is me rounding one of 318 curves in 11 miles.


Kep, whipping the turn in good form.


The Brothers.


He we are having conquered the Dragon. What a thrill!


The Tree of Shame


And there are those who did not fare so well.


While standing next to this sign, a guy asked if I would take his picture with his iPhone. We started talking and he asked me if I was with this group of guys on these speed bikes. I said No, that’s my Triumph over there. He gives me a look and says, “You’re the school teacher!” WHAT? He said, “I just read your blog last last week.” CRAZY! He even added, “Sorry you went down at 10,000.” I was blown away! What are the odds?


And here he is. Meet Terry, about to test his skills on the Dragon. I guess he fared well. I did not see any parts of his bike in the Tree of Shame the following day. Thanks Terry! Enjoy that Triumph!


This photo was on the wall at Deals Gap.


Time to say goodbye to the Smokies and head off to see family in South Carolina.

On the way we rode the Dragon again.


This is Papa Smurf. He is a Dragon regular.


Here is Kep coming through a tunnel. I’m the Quick Draw McGraw of the pocket cameras.


Bridal Veil Falls, Route 28, North Carolina. I like this whole area. The roads are great for riding.

We headed down to South Carolina to visit our Aunt and Nana. They moved to SC from New Orleans after Katrina. They have a nice house overlooking the valley and mountains. 


And here she is. The matriarch of our family. Nana with the boys.


And here’s the rest of the gang. It was great to see everyone. Thanks Y’all!


My bro in a barrel.


Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Having fun at the campsite in Sparta, NC.



One last contemplative look at the road behind us. Just after this we encountered a momma Black Bear and her three cubs. You can see them at the end of the video.

One Year and 15,000 miles

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It’s my bike’s birthday. I picked her up from the showroom on April 5, 2008. I’ve been riding my Bonneville for one year. Today while riding around upstate the odometer hit 15,000 miles.


I rode up to Woodbury Common Outlet Center. I had never been there. The place is huge! I was hoping they had some kind of camping outlet. The next best thing was a North Face outlet. I got a nice down sleeping bag. It rolls up small, good for travel.


Next I met up with my brother in Sloatsburg, NY.


We road over to a place called Ringwood Manor.


There is plenty to experience at Ringwood Manor. A fine place to explore. 


This place has been around since 1762. It was the home of George Washington’s geographer. The home was used as a strategic headquarters during the Revolutionary War.


In the area surrounding the manor there are numerous trails dating back to the 18th century. Unfortunately we arrived late in the day. An adventure for another day.