End of an Era

At 2 P.M. Friday afternoon my Bonnie was stolen. Needless to say, I am crushed. The day before, I got that helmet cam working and filmed my Bonnie’s last ride. I just can’t bring myself to post it right now. It was a ride through Times Square on (the now closed to traffic) Broadway. I found out yesterday, they found my bike in NJ. It has been in an accident. A great relief in one sense, but because of the holiday weekend, I can get no information on it’s condition other than it will need to be towed. I could write volumes about my interaction with the police here in NYC, but I want to move forward. Tomorrow I will get a release form from the NJ Police and see the condition of bike. Wish me luck folks. I’d like to keep the stories flowing. My summer plan should provide great entertainment if I can get her back on the rode in time. UGH!

14 Responses to “End of an Era”

  1. sucks about the bike. It’s to bad the police tend to forget about the “protect and serve” portion of the job.

    • I was thinking the same thing as I read “protect and serve” on the side of the police car that passed me by while I yelled out for assistance.

  2. I pulled the trigger on a Thruxton* after reading your blog a few months back. I’m putting in a trip from East Texas to Salt Lake. I can’t believe your bike was lifted! Terrible new! But, you seem like the type of person that will rebound just fine. I always lock the fork. If the bastards want mine, they’re going to have to carry it!

    Be well! It’ll all work out

    • Thanks, it took a while for me to get back to this blog. But yes, I am ready to move on. In fact by this time next month I hope to be crossing into Texas via Texarkana, then to Cadillac Ranch and on into New Mexico and beyond on a new Bonneville T100. Enjoy that Thruxton!

    • By the way, the forks were locked.

  3. sorry to hear abouth the stolen / crashed bike!

    But it’s great that you rode so many mile’s with it !… my personal oppinion is also to ride the bike, and not take it out for only 4 sunday afternoon rides a year.

    I leave this monday for my first (short)bike-trip together with the girlfrien… hoping for some good weather.. …

    greetings ,

    Grindal – Belgium

    • Yes! Ride my friend. I’ve driven around Belgium in a car, but I would love to do it on a bike some day. It sounds like fun. I recommend a nice loop from Grindal to Gent then Brugge and back for a nice short trip. But if you have the time a Europe without borders sounds like a dream come true.

  4. I sat on the Tiger and the Speed Triple Saturday. I question the seating position for those 500 mile days. I really want to tour again and I was never uncomfortable on the Bonneville. I am leaning toward the T100 since I don’t like the changes made to the new Bonnie.

    • The ride on the Tiger is great. Especially for the city I have never been so comfortable and I am on it almost everyday. I had my first long ride last weekend. About 200 miles up and all around the Bear Mtn area. I was a little tired at the end but I think that was more about me not being used to doing long jaunts on a bike, but I really like the upright position and it is a bike that when your on it, it just feels right. Before I bought my Tiger in Feb. I test drove a BMW 1200GS and that is what I was going to get and then I saw it at the dealership while getting my Yamaha washed and then read enough posts and did extensive research on the Tiger and bought it without ever riding it (since Triumph won’t do test drives) and I am very happy. It does lack a few of the BMW’s luxuries but it makes up for it in performance. When I was gunning it around Bear Mtn my stomach dropped like being on a roller coaster… I couldn’t believe it. I have yet to meet anyone who owns a Tiger or who has regret it. What sold me on the Tiger was at the time I was considering it, I had never seen one in the city. Then meraculously I saw one parked on Park ave with alot of extras that I could not visualize at the dealership. So I looked it over and left a note on the bike explaining that I was considering purchasing the bike and debating between the BMW. This guy emailed me that night and stated that he loved it and owned BMW’s in the past and preferred the power and “FUN” factor of the Tiger and that was the icing on the cake and I went in the next day and did the deal. I can tell by your fantastic blog that you love touring and the king of touring is the BMW 1200GS. The Tiger is the BMW’s biggest competition and comes in second for touring on alot of comparisons and magazine tests. It always rates more fun, but its not bad for being over 1/3 less in price than the Beemer. I am not trying to persuade you to get a Tiger or anything, just sharing my experience with it. I only know of one other Tiger in the city it would be nice to have another. Good luck making a choice and if you want to chat about it over a beer at the classy Paddy O’Rilieys I am game.

      • Hey Scott,
        The Tiger does sound good, but I am stuck on the Bonneville for now. I am in the process of trying to get a T100. I met an old dude in Jackson Hole WY (when I was going cross country last summer) who used to hold the speed record in the 50’s on a Tiger. I wish I could remember his name. They actually looked more like Bonnies back then.
        He told me the Harley team would show up in fancy black and white leather outfits, cocky as hell. He would hop on the Tiger wearing just a T-shirt and jeans and dust them.
        I’ve got a couple brutal weeks of work left, but then a dark pint of Guinness sounds great.
        You mentioned Bear Mountain. Have you checked the day trips page? There’s a couple good rides on there. I need to throw a couple more maps up.

  5. The Bonnie is deffinitly great but they have a black Tiger downtown. Once you ride one you usually fall in love and it is fast as hell too. Your right about the time it takes to fix stuff. They take forever but what can you do. Its all those damn Ducati’s taking up the shops time. Good luck!

  6. I should find out over the next couple days whether insurance wants to fix her up or trash her. Glad you got my note. When I have brought my bike downtown it always takes a good deal longer than I’m told it will. If it can be fixed I don’t know what to do. If it can’t, I’m definitely getting another Bonneville.

  7. btw Give her to Marcos he will make her better.

  8. I am sorry to hear about what happened, I admired your bike on the street many times. I hope you get her back in one piece and thanks for the heads up. I am the one with the blue Tiger in the hood. Your blog is fantastic and inspiring. I would love to chat about your adventures over a beer sometime. We have to figure out something to do. 30th st is not as safe as it used to be.

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