Headed South

So the journey began with a stop at Gettysburg. The site of the battlefield and Lincoln’s Address.

IMG_0021 copy

Gettysburg is an interesting place. It’s loaded with Old Timey characters who display stars and bars somewhere on their person or in the form a sticker on their vehicle. They have a twinkle in their eye and Dixie playing over and over in their heads as they reminisce of days gone by.

IMG_0032 copy

I didn’t spend too much time in Gettysburg as I was heading to see an old friend in Frederick MD. Meet my friend Dave from my college days.

IMG_0082 copy

We went out in Frederick and behaved much like we did 20 years ago.

IMG_0067 copy

And this cute little biker girl is Dave and Joi’s daughter, Noa.

IMG_0075 copy

Heading South I made a quick stop at Harpers Ferry. It has changed quite a bit since I last visited. Less access for those prone to mischief. When I was younger I climbed that cliff in the background and got a ticket for my efforts.

IMG_0089 copy

These days there is a fenced off path to walk across the old railroad bridge that crosses the river. No fun. In the tavern and throughout the town they have hired help to bring back the past.

IMG_0094 copy

Another big difference is an expectation that you should park 2 miles away and pay 6 bucks to take a shuttle bus to the town. I don’t think so. I just rode into town and found a spot.

I planned on seeing some evidence of dinosaurs having roamed the planet on the trip, but I thought I would have to wait until Texas. Not so. Here they were in Virginia.

IMG_0106 copy

I saw this little fella along Skyline Drive.

IMG_0109 copy

And here is an overlook.

IMG_0112 copy

Unfortunately as I approach the Blue Ridge Parkway today, the sky looks nothing like the photo above. It’s dark with patches of rain, but I must move on!

One Response to “Headed South”

  1. Seriously, Pat, why not just apply to work for National Geographic already? Fantastic, brother!

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