Blue Ridge to Jacksonville

Yesterday I traveled almost 500 miles on some tiny roads. I rode from 9am to 11pm. Long Day! I wanted to make it to Jacksonsville to see my oldest friend Alex. When I say oldest it’s not that Alex is old, it’s just that I have known him since I was 3 years old when my family moved from New Orleans to Maryland. He now lives in Florida. But first let’s back up a couple days.
I had a nice ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway. Combined with Skyline Drive it’s over 500 miles without a traffic signal and very little traffic as you glide along mountain tops. Awesome! This is Mabry Mill along the way.

IMG_0144 copy

Here is a typical view from an outlook along the Blue Ridge.

IMG_0147 copy

I saw this beautiful animal fly across the road ahead of me. I immediately pulled over and caught him up in the trees.


I stopped to camp just past Asheville NC.

IMG_0165 copy

At the campsite I posed with my old friend Smokey. I used to visit Smokey at the National Zoo when I was a kid.

IMG_0170 copy

The next morning it was time for the long haul to Florida. However, I was not taking the Interstate. I took Route 81 along the Savannah River. Along this route you pass many a forgotten old town. I stopped when I saw this curious little building.

IMG_0178 copy 2

I’ve seen little buildings like this out west, but didn’t expect it in South Carolina. It turns out it is an old bank. Check out the safe inside.

IMG_0175 copy

There were numerous old towns and abandoned buildings along the way.

IMG_0183 copy

I got to Georgia and along with the heat I started seeing the Spanish moss hanging from the trees.

IMG_0188 copy

It was so hot. I stopped at a Dairy Queen for an ice cream. As I was sitting there enjoying my cone a local feller came up to me and asked about the bike. He has an offroad bike and was thinking about getting a cruiser. I could tell he had more on his mind. He was filthy and he looked tired. Then he told me what his deal was. He was exhausted from having wrestled and killed two wild boar after trapping them. He told me about the box trap he made and how everyone told him he couldn’t do it. He called it his Elmer Fudd trap. He was convinced he could catch this boar. It had been snooping around the fence where he kept his domestic pigs. He was surprised however to find two boar in his trap. He strung them up by their necks and said they were amazingly calm when he took the razor to their throats.

I made a quick stop in Savannah. It was a crowded Saturday and I can’t just leave my bike and gear unattended to walk around so I rode around for a short while before flying down I95 to Jacksonville. It felt good to take the new ride over 100mph.

IMG_0189 copy

Now I am Florida. Stay tuned.

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