Jacksonville Florida

Today is an off day in the Tour de France. Lance Armstrong is in third place and the Alps are still ahead. He just may do it again. And so, I begin today’s post with a Happy Bastille Day to all!

Yesterday my friend Alex, his wife Isabelle and I headed to the beach to see the Space Shuttle launching. Below is me and Alex.


Alex and Isabelle. They have been most gracious during my stay. I’ve had a great time. Gracias!

IMG_0226 copy

While we were waiting, a man told us the launch had been cancelled. But I was glad to be at the beach. It’s not officially a coast to coast trip unless you go from one ocean to the other. Yes Pat, that’s the Atlantic.

IMG_0242 copy

There was a party atmosphere around town. And it’s not a party without dancing girls!

IMG_0250 copy

Followed by a colorful sunset.

IMG_0265 copy

After that we headed home. Isabelle is from Cuba and she had some excellent Cuban Rum which she shared. Yum! The following day Alex took me to a spot in St. Augustine where he catches crabs. Here is Alex tying the bait to a string.

IMG_0282 copy

I caught my first crab with a chicken leg and a string!

IMG_0289 copy

IMG_02892 copy

There was lots of wildlife in the area. This guy hung out throughout the day. We would swipe our nets across the water and knock small minnows to the beach. This bird would wait anxiously to eat ’em up!

IMG_0276 copy

There is a good reason this bird is hiding his face.

IMG_0299 copy 2

What an ugly mug.

IMG_0294 copy

Some dolphins did some fishing in the waters beyond us.

IMG_0321 copy 2

Pretty Bird. Birdie Num Num!

IMG_0369 copy

IMG_0393 copy 3

I spotted this sea turtle.

IMG_0412 copy

And then a tortoise on land.

IMG_0420 copy

And finally on the way home we stopped at the Spanish fortress in St. Augustine.

IMG_0447 copy 2

Mmmmmm! Alex steamed those crabs with seasoned water and some Old Bay. Delicious!

IMG_0463 copy

The seasoning of the Latin flavored newspaper place mats certainly added to the experience.

IMG_0459 copy

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