Jacksonville to New Orleans

I left Jacksonville and began my journey West. I decided to check out a bit of the Gulf Coast. It was a pain in the ass driving through beach towns, but what the heck. I had to see it.

IMG_0466 copy

I passed the Shark museum on the way and posed with this Tiger Shark.

IMG_0472 copy

That night I stayed at Big Lagoon State Park in Florida. It was basically a swamp. It was hot and muggy but had some interesting wildlife. I saw two cotttonmouth snakes. They are poisonous so that freaked me out a little. In the morning I saw this nest in a tree with 2 osprey.

IMG_0494 copy 3

Then it was off to New Orleans. The town where I was born.

IMG_0689 copy 2

I didn’t plan on staying in the city, but it turned out that my dad was in town. So, I stayed with him in the French Quarter. Actually the first night I stayed with my cousin across the river in Gretna, but I didn’t take any photos that night. I’ll hang with her again tomorrow and take some shots.

IMG_0803 copy

I really wanted to ride up River Road and see some plantations, but a mean storm rolled in so I stayed in town. After the storm blew over I walked around and took some pictures.

IMG_0568 copy

IMG_0571 copy

IMG_0557 copy

IMG_0658 copy 2

IMG_0664 copy


IMG_0743 copy

IMG_0774 copy

In the evening we ate at Acme Oyster House. I had some gumbo and a shrimp and oyster po-boy. There was a line to get in, but well worth the wait.

IMG_0819 copy

IMG_0827 copy

More New Orleans to come.

2 Responses to “Jacksonville to New Orleans”

  1. Hi, there!
    I came across your mybonnie blog somehow – don’t quite remember my path to get there. I was going from one link to the next and voila. I don’t even remember what my initial search was. It may have been a search for images of colorful ocean sunsets in google. Anyhow, that’s not what’s important. I feel compelled to comment on your blog. It is amazing and interesting. Your adventurous and creative personality shines through in your writing and in your picture taking. You have an eye for photography too. I absolutely love the pictures of the big, old trees in the south. Such character. You seem to capture the real beauty of the world around you in your photos. Anyhow, thanks for taking me on this adventure this morning. I hope that you continue to find and capture the joy in life. All the best to you, Colleen

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