New Orleans to California

Hey Folks! I have been on the road for a month now. Sorry I haven’t posted here in a while. I keep another blog with things other than motorcycle stuff @ So if you see any nygumbo references in the following text, that’s why. It has been difficult to work on two blogs while on the road. If you would like to check the other blog, feel free. But now that I am here, so let’s get caught up.

I went to a magical place from my childhood today. City Park. Within City Park is Story Land where my Grandma and Grandma Lu (great grand mother) would take me when I was a little boy.
IMG_0920 copy

It was filled with large sculptures from stories and fairy tales that kids can go in and climb on. I always like the old woman who lived in a shoe.

IMG_0889 copy

City Park is also home to some fantastic old Live Oak Trees.

IMG_0905 copy

These trees are amazing. Old and wise trees.

IMG_0921 copy

After City Park I crossed Lake Ponchatrain to visit my uncle. He was at the Abbey where he used to be the Abbott. He is retired now but was there to celebrate his 50th anniversary as a monk.

IMG_0924 copy

There are some really cool murals where the monks eat.

IMG_0928 copy

From the Abbey I headed to my cousins place in Gretna. I rode through a storm and like a dope did not put my rain gear on. DUMB. Now my boots are soaked and I’ll have to ride with sneakers on for a bit today. My cousin and her family took me out for some New Orleans seafood. Mmmmm Mmmmm Good!

IMG_0995 copy

Ya can’t visit New Orleans with out having some crawfish.

IMG_0992 copy

This little feller slept with me last. Cute kitten prrrrrrred under my arm throughout the night.

IMG_1015 copy

So I was packing the bike to leave New Orleans after a big breakfast with my cousin and her family when I noticed a problem.

IMG_1034 copy

My clutch cable was about to snap. Fortunately it was Saturday and I was still in New Orleans. First we went to Smitty’s bike shop in Gretna and spoke to Lurch. They didn’t have the cable but they let my call Triumph from their bike shop. They had two cables in stock and fixed it in a jiffy. So I said good bye to my cousin and headed toward River Road along the Mississippi. I had a great visit. It felt like family should. Bye Cuz!

IMG_1022 copy

So it was on to Plantation land. This one is called Evergreen.

IMG_1049 copy

This shot is a little piece of a plantation called Laura. It cost $15 to get it and I could afford the time.

IMG_1052 copy

And finally, a place I have always wanted to see, Oak Alley.

IMG_1060 copy

I rode South to check out some Cajun Country. In a town called Franklin I saw this wise old tree. This tree looks as though branches have come an gone, but it remains standing strong.

IMG_1068 copy 2

Then I rode through a wicked storm to Lafayette. When the storm broke the sun was just setting.

IMG_1072 copy

The next day I rode North along the Western edge of Louisiana. I stopped by this yard full of old trucks and fire engines. I met this old guy there. He was a lot like Goober from Mayberry with overalls cut off just below the knee. Goober’s handshake was so firm he is just the one you would want around if you slipped at a cliffs edge. He brought me into the garage to show me an old Mack truck they were working on.

IMG_1095 copy

I rode all day and into the night where I arrive at Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas. There is a river bed here with actual dinosaur tracks.

IMG_1141 copy

It’s really cool. The tracks behind the campsite are the best ones.

IMG_1169 copy 2

It started raining as I snooped around. I was told later it was the first rain they’ve had in 6 months. Below are Brontosaurus tracks.IMG_1147 copy

The other tracks are from the guy in this painting jumping on the Brontosaur.

IMG_1187 copy

From Dinosaur land it was time to cross Texas. I stopped to stretch my legs when I saw this old car.

IMG_1194 copy

I stopped again when I saw Bob’s well. You have to take a break every once in a while.

IMG_1201 copy

There is lots of debris on the roads. Most of it is bits of rubber from truck tires. As I was flying down the highway at 85 I noticed one of those pieces of debris moving. I turned around to investigate.

IMG_1266 copy

Yes! That piece of debris was a tarantula. I played with him for a little while before finding a place to camp for the night.

IMG_1267 copy

IMG_1339 copy

I am off to Cadillac Ranch. See ya next time. I should be in New Mexico by nightfall.

IMG_1295 copy

It’s been a long ride since my last post. And it has only gotten better. Once I hit the Rocky Mountains everything has been perfect. So back to Texas. I had the scariest night to date as far as weather goes. I pulled into Caprock Canyon for the night. The sky was magnificent. Stars galore. So I figured I’d crash in my hammock for the night. Bad idea. I saw some lights on the horizon before falling asleep, but I thought it was just a little heat lighting. WRONG! At about 2:30 am I woke to a bright flash and a sonic BOOM! Then came the winds and sideways rain. I had not time to set up the tent. I covered what I could and ran to the bathrooms where I waited out the storm. Intense! One of the two tarantulas I played with was in Caprock Canyon. Here are some of my bathroom buddies.

IMG_1377 copy 2

IMG_1361 copy

In Turkey Texas, home of Bob Wills, I saw this great old gas station. Route 66 eat your heart out.

IMG_1275 copy

As I continued across Texas I saw this old jail in the town of Silverton. It’s now a museum of sorts. Inside was this great old guy, Jerry Baker is his name, who told a little of the jail’s history.

IMG_1423 copy

Here is Jerry who told the stories. Man this guy loved to talk. Real nice guy with an awesome Texas accent. He said some of Bonnie and Clydes gang did some time here. He told me he is self educated and signed a copy of the brochure for me. His claim to fame: He told me he met Kelsey Grammer once.

IMG_1424 copy

Then I came across one of my planned stops. CADILLAC RANCH!

IMG_1464 copy

Hey! Does it say on that gas tank?

IMG_1458 copy

It’s too cool.

IMG_1451 copy

Texas Mission accomplished. It was on to New Mexico. I had to crash at a hotel. It threw my budget off but I couldn’t deal with another storm like the night before and it was comin’ for sure! The next day I went to Taos. While checking out the former home of Kit Carson I spoke to basket maker Bob. He came to Taos with aspirations of being an electricians. The natives told him they don’t need any electricians. What they need is basket makers. So Bob learned a new trade. He told me how to get to the Pueblo where he learned his trade. I believe it’s the oldest habited pueblo in the States.

IMG_1525 copy

IMG_1583 copy

IMG_1593 copy

IMG_1553 copy

IMG_1626 copy

From Taos I rode to Bandelier Nation Monument.

IMG_1683 copy

This place has mountain ranges with unique cavernous formations. The ancient natives built homes on the mountain side making use of the caves as rooms.

IMG_1724 copy

Here is how the would have looked with the adjacent buildings.

IMG_1717 copy

Here you can see the uniform holes that would hole the joists in place.

IMG_1788 copy

I saw a sign which read “Stay on Path”. I just couldn’t resist. Most of the sites open to the public have been cleaned up and the floors cemented. I needed to explore and find something more pristine. That’s just what I did. I found this old site and the most amazing thing happened. As I sat there meditating and contemplating on how life must have been for the natives I began to feel myself lift from the ground.

IMG_1854 copy 2

IMG_1901 copy

There were some strange areas nearby fenced off with signs that said “No Trespassing and Beware of Explosives. These sites were only marked by numbers and were frequented by unmarked trucks. I stopped at the local tourist bureau to inquire. Bandelier is in the mountains of Los Alamos, home of the Manhattan Project. It is still a government site with some of the most up to date nuclear reasearch to date.

So many amazing sites to see out here, like this beautiful Butterfly. Hi Butterfly!

IMG_1889 copy 2

There is more to post, but I don’t want to spend my day in Starbucks. I’m in Arizona now. I haven’t even looked at my photos from The Petrified Forest yet. That place was super cool!

The four corner is what they call the section of the states where New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado meet. It is the only four states that meet at right angles in this way. It is also where you can find most of the ancient ruins left by the native people of this country. I’ve already introduced you to a couple spots in New Mexico. Let’s move on.

I headed south a bit to a place called El Morro. El Morro’s history involves the native people, the Spanish and the early Americans headed West. Here is how it looks from my campsite.

IMG_1941 copy

It has also been called Inscription Rock as many who have crossed it’s path have left their mark.

The Natives.

IMG_1949 copy

Spanish Conquistadors.

IMG_1962 copy

The new Americans.

IMG_1950 copy

Another unique feature of El Morro was an oasis. The water that ran of the side of the cliff was situated so it would not evaporate. A source of water in this climate was valuable.

IMG_1946 copy

I climbed to the top of El Morro where there were ancient ruins.

IMG_1996 copy

IMG_1991 copy

When I returned to pack up the campsite I found this peculiar bug crawling across the floor.


And I found a snake skin.

IMG_2028 copy

From El Morro it was off to the Petrified Forest. It began with the Painted Desert.

IMG_2040 copy

IMG_2050 copy

There were ruins and petroglyphs there as well.

IMG_2075 copy

IMG_2068 copy

Then along with the terrain the skies got grayer and the wind started kicking up. I was getting sand blasted as I rode. I think the strong winds is what prevented this guy from flying away.

IMG_2107 copy

IMG_2179 copy

And of course there was petrified wood. Lots of it!

IMG_2136 copy

IMG_2217 copy

IMG_2233 copy

IMG_2290 copy

Then there was something I was not expecting. Ruins made from Petrified wood!

IMG_2269 copy

IMG_2281 copy

I saw this great old ride outside of a vendor just beyond the park.

IMG_2295 copy

If you pull off at exits along Route 40 you may find bits and pieces of old Route 66. This is the Wig Wam Motel.

IMG_2308 copy

From there I had hoped to find a place to camp, no problem. But I lose track of time sometimes and now it was the weekend. Campsites were filled. So I had to camp in the local forest.

IMG_2314 copy

Well I am tired and it’s been days since I’ve had a hot shower. I’ll try to catch up in the morning.

In that same forest where I slept there were some old ruins.


Then I rode south to Monezuma’s Castle. It is a huge multilevel ruin on the side of a mountain.


Just north of Cottonwood AZ there was this ruin on the top of a hill.

IMG_2348 copy

Cottonwood and the adjacent small towns are filled with old hippies. I past a huge drum circle on the way to this ruin.

IMG_2350 copy

From the ruin I had to zoom to get ahead of this oncoming storm. I have been surrounded by storms for days but somehow have remained dry.

IMG_2361 copy

Unfortunately that storm blocked the sun as I drove through Sedona. Sedona is surrounded by huge red rock formations. Without light it wasn’t worth taking photos. I did stop at this stream and take a shot.

IMG_2366 copy

I might have stuck around this area, but that storm was moving toward me as I made my way north. Besides it was pretty touristy. Not my scene.

IMG_2370 copy

That night I camped out at Navajo National Monument. At the visitor center I bumped into my new Korean friends I had seen earlier in the day at Starbucks. They were amazed that a guy could travel by himself as I was. They wanted to have their picture taken with me. So I had a shot taken too.

IMG_2388 copy

From the mountaintop where the campsite was I could see storms all around, but amazingly none hit me. I caught a lightning strike as a watched what I thought was the impending storm.

IMG_2395 copy

I was safe with the Captain on my side.

IMG_2406 copy

In the morning I hiked to see the ruins. The only way to see them upclose is register for an overnight hike. I was asking the Park Ranger about it. She is Navajo. I must say I had a hard time keeping a straight face as she kept reminding me I have to make a “reservation” for the hike. Instead I settled for the overlook.

IMG_2415 copy

Here is a closer look.

IMG_2416 copy

Then I was going back to New Mexico to see a couple more ruins.

IMG_2432 copy

This is Salmon Ruins.

IMG_2463 copy

This is an old kiva. Kivas were the big round room for ceremonies.

The old bunks where the original surveyors lived were still intact too.

IMG_2494 copy

Next I went to Aztec National Monument. It is called Aztec because it was first believed Aztecs had built the site.

IMG_2511 copy

IMG_2547 copy

It’s rare to find ruins with the original roof. At Aztec they have rooms with the original roofs.

IMG_2579 copy

I ended up visiting all four states of the four corners on this day. After passing through Durango CO I saw these elk.

IMG_2628 copy

From there I rode to Bluff UT where I had been last year. I hadn’t showered in days and I knew the campsite there hot great showers and WIFI. I fell asleep to the sounds of frogs croaking in the pond.

IMG_2640 copy

When I woke up the next morning I could see the sun glowing on the bluff.

IMG_2643 copy

I decided to go to the Valley of the Gods. I was afraid to go there last year as it is a 16 mile dirt road. Now it was time.

IMG_2663 copy

It was an exhilarating ride through the monumental cliffs and bluffs.

IMG_2718 copy

Then I went back to the site to pack up camp where this lizard watched over me.

IMG_2759 copy

I then had the unpleasant task of riding all the way back to Navajo National Monument where I had left my camera battery charger with the Ranger. How funny is that “reservation” thing now pale face! I made the best of it and took a few shots on the way. This huge rock can be seen from 20 miles away.

IMG_2788 copy

I found an old pull tab can.

IMG_2807 copy

Then in order to get where I wanted to go I had to ride up an 8 mile switchback.

IMG_2838 copy

The view on the way up was incredible as you look down into the Valley of the Gods.

IMG_2824 copy

IMG_2833 copy

Next stop Natural Bridges Nation Park. It’s in the middle of nowhere. I was low on gas. Fortunately they had a supply for emergencies. I had to fill out some paperwork and pay a premium price but I needed it to get to tghe next gas station. I’d like to go back there I hike to the bridges. They aren’t so exciting from above. But the flora was interesting.

IMG_2863 copy

IMG_2865 copy

IMG_2886 copy

I rode on not sure how far I’d get. Then the sun began to set.

IMG_2966 copy

I love a good sunset.

IMG_2996 copy

Got to go this place is closing.

Utah is where I left off and where I remain. I left you at sunset 2 days ago. So let’s ketchup!!

Oh, first let me go back to New Mexico for a moment. As I was riding from Taos something funny happened. When you ride on a motorcycle there are many of things to worry about. Loose gravel, deer in the road, and of course bad drivers. If you read my post from the Catskills you heard of a story about an owl flying into this guys chest. Since then I have been super aware of birds. They are nuts! They dodge in and out of the rode before you coming so close you often duck (get it, duck) uncontrollably expecting that the bird will fly into your head. Well, I was riding through the mountains from Taos and there was this bird in front of me. I expected him to cut to the left or the right, but no. This bird wanted to go ahead and race me. Well he lost the race. I caught up to him all right. Face first! That little bird landed right in my mouth. I could actually feel the cold texture of his feet entering my mouth. That’s when he decided it would be a good idea to make a sharp left turn. No harm no foul. I am just glad I didn’t scare the shit out of him because I was firmly in place for a hot meal.


With every turn in the area around Glen Canyon I would yell out loud because of the shear beauty before me. Especially at sunset. I want to pull over and take it in at every corner.

IMG_2988 copy

I didn’t care that it was getting dark. I didn’t care where I would stay the night. I just wanted this moment to last. I was told by the ranger at Natural Bridges of this place to get gas. He said the store would be closed but I could still get gas. Much to my surprise I could camp there too. And it was magnificent. A place to camp right on the edge of Lake Powell.

IMG_3043 copy

I love this part of the country.

IMG_3061 copy

If anyone is interested in gear. This folding saw called the Big Boy by Silky cut through wood like butter.

IMG_3071 copy

I almost stepped on this guy before going to bed.

IMG_3033 copy

I am just going to post some photos. I want to hit the road. I may have a thing or two to say along the way.

IMG_3099 copy

IMG_3108 copy

IMG_3175 copy

IMG_3140 copy

IMG_3148 copy

IMG_3193 copy

IMG_3217 copy

IMG_3222 copy

IMG_3249 copy

IMG_3271 copy

IMG_3333 copy

IMG_3433 copy

I will add text at another time. There is still so much to see out there. Not that sitting here is bad. This is the view from where I am now.

IMG_3469 copy

Howdy Folks! I am at Bryce Canyon now. Here they have lots of facilities. Laundry, Wireless Internet and Showers! I will take advantage of all 3.

Yesterday was fun. After posting I rode right into a storm. I have to admit, I try to look cool when I am taking a photo of myself, but when it rains there is not time for cool.

IMG_3491 copy

Many riders have waterproof gloves. I find that the xtra large heavy duty chemical proof rubber gloves over my riding gloves do the trick. The storm was heavy and a little frightening but fortunately brief.

IMG_3493 copy

So from Capital Reef I headed toward Bryce Canyon.

IMG_3510 copy

Between the two parks is a state park called Kodachrome.

IMG_3554 copy

Needless to say they have free range cattle in the area.

IMG_3566 copy

These storms appear out of nowhere. But the effects in the sky is great for photos once the sun hits your subject.

IMG_3575 copy

IMG_3588 copy

IMG_3592 copy

These folks learned what a flash flood was the hard way. When they crossed it was a dry creek bed.

IMG_3542 copy

IMG_3545 copy

Another storm was approaching as I neared Bryce.

IMG_3621 copy

IMG_3629 copy

IMG_3661 copy

And then came Bryce Canyon. Having been here before I thought about skipping it. I am so glad I didn’t.

IMG_3688 copy

IMG_3732 copy

IMG_3691 copy

IMG_3762 copy

Not too shabby huh? And now it’s shower time with fresh clean clothes to put on afterward. Oh yeah!

Hey there nygumbo fans! I thought I would have time to post in Vegas, but that didn’t work out. I was only able to pay tribute to the Mook. Now I am camped out in California amongst the Sierra Mountains and I am able to get a wireless signal from a nearby radio station. So I am back. When I left off I was in Bryce Canyon, so let’s return there. There is so much to share. At Bryce I did my laundry, I posted, I showered. Then I went to see the rest of the canyon. I have to admit the first few stops at Bryce Canyon are exceptional. The other stops are far away and not nearly as scenic, but I had to check it out. IMG_3853 copy IMG_3785 copy I saw this jive turkey. I have seen a few turkeys but they are not very good subject for photos. They are quick to run away. IMG_3798 copy I was rather annoyed at having spent so much time at Bryce. The latter part was anticlimactic and it looked like storms were inevitable. IMG_3796 copy Not that it’s not an amazing place. It is. But I was hoping to be at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon before dark so I was beginning to stress a bit. I left Bryce with worry on my mind. On the way was Red Canyon. I felt the need to fly by, but I just can’t help stopping everywhere. I get real caught up in the natural beauty of this part of the country. I’d like to come back in December and decorate this big sucker. IMG_3928 As I was riding away I passed this place Mugwumps. I turned around to take a photo. Besides, the storms ahead were making it cold and I had to put on a couple layers. As I was taking this picture a lady came up from behind me and asked, “What is it about that place that people want to take a picture?” I said “It’s tacky.” She said, “It’s mine.” Oops! IMG_3938 copy So now I was cold, and stressed about the time. I started flying south toward Arizona. I realized I wasn’t enjoying myself. It felt like work. Then I saw something on the side of the road, a tree that I wanted to photograph. I pulled over. I started noticing all the flora around me. It was growing out of this bright orange sand. All sorts of bizarre plant life. I calmed down and began to take the time to smell the roses (and take some pictures). IMG_3958 copy