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My Bonnie is Back

Posted in Uncategorized on October 29, 2009 by Pat Regan

Yes, my Bonnie is back. Where was she you ask? A little over a month ago I was hit by a car. It was only my second ride in the city since I returned from my 12,000 mile trip across the nation. I turned on to my street and this lady jumped out of a parking spot and hit me from the side with her car. There was no room for me to maneuver as there were parked cars to my right and she pulled out on my left. She hit the front of the bike and BAM I went down. I wasn’t injured but the bike got a little banged up on the right side. I wasn’t going to mention this in the blog. But, it is part of the journey and there were lessons to be learned.

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As I lay on the ground with the bike on top of me, I could hear the lady screaming when she got out of her car. A waiter from the restaurant nearby and a couple others lifted the bike off me and I pushed it to the side of the road and put the kick stand down. This lady was in a panic. blah blah blah. She was requesting that we not use insurance. This didn’t sit well with me, but I figured maybe it would be OK. We started to exchange info. She just wanted to give me her phone number and settle it via telephone. Ha! I asked for her drivers license. She didn’t have it on her. We went upstairs to talk to her husband. He walked back downstairs with me and we exchanged all the proper documents. We decided I would take the bike in for an assessment and then they would decide whether to use insurance or not. A few days later I got an estimate and called them. It turns out that they had already called their insurance company anyway. Then it took a while to contact their appraiser. Then it took a while for the appraiser to appraise. Delay. Delay. Meanwhile, beautiful riding days were passing me by.

The reason I mention this is because I can share the lesson:

Always call your Insurance Co. right away!

That’s what they are there for. My willingness to negotiate with the lady who hit me cost me unnecessary weeks of great weather without my bike. I have been a grumpy MF’er without my Bonnie.

I would like to say that the people at Freehold Triumph have been great.  It’s a hike for me to get to Freehold, but the satisfaction I get from the good work and good service makes it worthwhile to me. I bought my first Bonnie in NYC. I had it serviced in the city as well. It was always a pain in the ass. My 2009 Bonneville was bought at the store in Freehold, NJ and I have been bringing it there for all my work and maintenance. The people there have been friendly and professional. Jason at service has always been attentive and helpful. Thanks Freehold Triumph.

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