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Motorcycle Roads

Posted in Uncategorized on November 8, 2009 by Pat Regan

So the day after my Bonnie came back to me, I came up lame. I just can’t seem to leap from a building in a single bound the way I once did. OK I was jumping from a flimsy gate, but the result is that I am still not riding and it’s killing me. Jumping from this wobbly platform resulted in a 7 hour stay at the emergency room and this boot for my foot.

IMG_9254 1 copy

But, just because I am not able to ride on this glorious day doesn’t mean I can’t recommend a site I came across in American Motorcyclist Magazine for those of you still on the road.

My foot is feeling better than it did a few days ago. I am tempted to go for a ride to test my shifting foot. I’ll keep ya posted.

One of my favorite local roads is on the site as well as many others. If you are a NY’er and want a nice day trip, take Route 23 out to Port Jervis and then ride along the Delaware on 97.

Enjoy the ride. I hope to join you soon!