Happy Anniversary Bonnie (2 Years)

It’s nearly impossible for me to fathom that it has only been 2 years since I first rode my Bonnie from the showroom floor. With nearly 32,000 miles of adventure under my belt I must say it’s been a great 2 years. There would would have been more miles than that if not for a couple hiccups along the way. My first Bonnie was stolen last May. I got an automated courtesy call the other day informing me that the guy who stole it was denied parole. Good. So that was a month off the road. I got my second Bonnie (a 2009 T100) just in time to take off on another cross country adventure. A week after returning from that adventure I was side swiped by a lady pulling out from a parking spot here in NYC. That was another month without riding. Those 2 months were difficult as riding has become an important part of my life and spiritual well being.

I missed a month of posting here. Work has been brutal but that’s not a story for this place. I made a couple of boasting posts in January and February, but to tell you the truth the winter made riding difficult. I got out there a few of times, but nothing to brag about. The only reason I mention work being such a drag is because it has prevented me from sharing a couple of good rides with ya. We had some serious snow here as well which slowed things down. But the snow melted and Bonnie and I were back on the road.

A disappointing thing happened during the winter months. Freehold Triumph closed it’s doors. I bought my new Bonnie there and have been using them for all my maintenance needs. It’s kind of like having a doctor. You want someone who knows you and you can establish a history with. So I guess I am in search of a new dealer to work on my bike while it is still under warranty. I have heard good things about the guys up in Suffern, NY but I don’t know how convenient it is to get there by bus or train once I drop off my bike. I am hesitant to bring it back to the guys here in the city. A friendly demeanor goes a long way with me and that’s one thing the shop downtown does not provide. Plus I never get my bike back in a timely fashion. Oh well, if anyone has suggestions for good service in the NYC area leave me a message please!

In mid March a glorious weekend popped out. It started on Friday. I rode downtown to have dinner with mom. We then walked to the river and upon seeing this beautiful sunset I knew I needed to take off and go somewhere the following day.

I hopped on Bonnie and headed down to Philadelphia. I figured I’d go surprise an old college room mate. It was a good reunion.

This is me and my buddy Gral in his office that has a flavor similar to my memories of our dorm rooms and the apartment we shared. We lived in the basement of these boxy brick buildings known as Knox Boxes at the University of Maryland. Good Times! After making a pit stop to see Gral’s wife and kids I headed into Philly. I figured I would try one of these famous Pat’s Cheese Steaks. After seeing this line I opted for seafood down the street a bit.

It was a good trip and a simple one. I will be returning to Philly soon. It’s a great city and I have some good friends down there.

This past weekend was a beauty as well. I hopped on the bike and rode up to Bear Mountain and vicinity. It’s an easy ride from the city up the Palisade Parkway to Bear mountain. When I arrived at the top of the mountain, many bikes had already overflowed from the legal parking spots and I was happy to join them.

If you click and enlarge this photo, you can actually see the silhouette of NYC center left top and Bonnie center left bottom.

There are beautiful views of the Hudson as you wind your way down the mountain.

And finally as I have recommended in the past is Seven Lakes Drive just southwest of Bear Mountain. It is a quiet scenic road. This time I took a little off shoot from it which brought me to this small waterfall. The road then leads to Route 17 as does Seven Lakes Road.

Ah, it feels good to post again. I look forward to sharing more adventures here in the future with me and my Bonnie. I do know that the next 2 and a half months are going to be difficult at work, but if I survive, a glorious summer is sure to follow. Happy anniversary Bonnie. It’s been 2 wonderful years of riding.

2 Responses to “Happy Anniversary Bonnie (2 Years)”

  1. Enjoy! It’s a great bike. Tough and reliable.

  2. Nice ride, sounds like it was a good one. I just bought my first bike the other month and it too is a Bonnie, an ’05. I’ve been riding around home and college in South-Central PA but haven’t gone too far yet. I’m loving it though. Good post.

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