Bring on the technology

So for a couple years now I have done my traveling with only paper maps to guide me. However, as you know I like to share my travels online. This means I need to power up! Another thing I needed was internet signals. This means I would need a public library or a coffee shop with WIFI. I still may need the occasional outlet for the laptop and camera batteries, but I am now investigating ways of juicing things up with a cigarette lighter. All of this is inspired because of the purchase of a new phone. I bought the Palm Pre Plus. I was emailed an offer for this phone. The thing that sold me on it was that it can be used as a WIFI hotspot and with the offer the $40 a month fee was waived. So now I can get WIFI anywhere I can get a Verizon signal. I can also write on my blog from the phone when I am on the fly, but I prefer the laptop for writing and uploading photos. Now I can do both. The phone also has a Google map location app. It can depict where I am in any location. Bonus! I have gone many miles out of my way because I am too stubborn to stop and pull a map out of the bag. Now I can push a button. The purist in me likes the old way, but this is pretty damn cool.

So now I am looking for that cigarette lighter hook up. I found a cool article a guy wrote about doing it yourself. I don’t have any fairing to poke holes in on my Bonnie, but his instructions are simple enough. He also linked to They have a cool kit for $29.95 that you can easily pop off and throw in your bag when not in use. There is also a section on the site called The Powerlet University Learning Center with videos showing the installation process. Very cool.

Just thought I’d share this. If anyone has any other suggestions for keeping juiced up on the road, please send me a message. Thanks.

PS- the do it yourself guide came from this site:
There is a lot more to that site. I recommend further exploration!

6 Responses to “Bring on the technology”

  1. Brian Sherman Says:

    So I havent seen a post on here in a few weeks, I know the weather has been pretty good and summer is coming. So are you making plans for another cross country trip?

  2. Brian Sherman Says:

    Hey, glad to see your still on here, I still love to visit your website and catch up on your rides. Are you planning another cross country trip this year? Im planning on another run down skyline and blue ridge this summer and camp out. Looking forward to it.

    I use a Garmin on my bike. I do not have an auxillary power source so I have to be careful how long I leave it on, try to power up when I stop to eat or get coffee, etc. so I have been thinking of adding the plug in.

    I jump on the Triumph Rat Forum from time to time. If you go to the Twins section (yeah, its sounds great, but its just bikes!) you will find every possible discussion thread on the Bonnevilles. Here is a link to “Auxillary Power Socket” installations. Seems there are hundreds of ways to do this.

    But the cool part about this site is that guys post step by step instructions, photos, experiences, etc. for just about any modification, problem, etc that you can dream of. Might be a good data point to compare with some of the others anyway.

    If you do this, please post a few pics, I would be very interested in seeing how it works out.
    Good luck and keep the posts coming.

    • Joe White Says:

      A cool idea I have been thinking about is a solar powered tank bag. Apparently I wasn’t the first to come up with this idea, as Nelson-Rigg already sells one.

      If you already like the gear you have you might consider modifying your current tank bag. Here’s a link for a guy who converted his backpack into a laptop charger.

      Keep up the posts, man! Not only awesome to read but I just started a bit of touring on my Scrambler and your blog has been a big help.

      Ride safe!

      • Thanks Joe, That dude who built his own pack is way cool. Definitely something to consider. I’m glad this place has been of service to you. I like the Scrambler. It could have been helpful on some of those “side” roads I tend to venture on. However I don’t think my rear bag would dig those pipes. I’d be curious to know more about your touring.

    • Thanks Brian, I really have to spend more time on the RAT. I have difficulty navigating in there for some reason. I just discovered all kinds of comments people have made that I never replied to because I didn’t know they existed! As time ticks along and I see riding is going to remain part of my life. I want to learn more. As a guy who likes to ride solo it is in my interest to know as much as possible. I will dive in again via the link you posted and see where it takes me. If I take on the project, you can be sure you will see it here. I am beginning to research potential summer routes. I may hit the Skyline, Blue Ridge, Tail of the Dragon, Natchez Trail route then hang a right turn to the Pacific. I have friends in Florida I’d like to visit too. A little conflict in route choices there, but it looks more and more like another 6 week adventure is in my near future. Thanks again, Pat

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