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A sad reminder

Posted in Uncategorized on May 29, 2010 by Pat Regan

It was a year ago on the Friday before Memorial Day that I arrived home from work to find my ’07 Bonnie missing. She had been stolen. That Bonnie was then totaled and the thief was arrested in his hospital bed. He was denied parole last month.

This Friday before Memorial Day I had to visit a school in Harlem. I parked my ’09 Bonnie outside the school. When it was time to go home, I got on the bike and turned the key….no start. It had juice, but she wouldn’t turn over. I guess I am not meant to be on the road Memorial Day Weekend.

I called AMA to get some service. They wanted to know where to have it towed. The closet place would be the guys downtown at Corsa Motor Sports. I called them to see if they could take it. They said they were too busy. I should have known. I am glad they couldn’t take it. I don’t want to give them my business. They have always been a problem when I’ve dealt with them in the past. I bought my first bike from them. It seems most of there business comes from affluent city kids buying Ducati’s. They never have time to work on bikes. It’s always a rush to even have a conversation with these guys. And when they have worked on my bike, it always took a lot longer than they said it would.

So I called the guys at Gold Coast Motor Sports in Long Island. They were real nice on the phone. They told me there was no way a tow would get to them before closing. They recommended another company who could tow my bike and store it for the night then bring it to the shop the next morning. So that’s what I did. I even was able to work it out with AMA to have the whole thing covered under my plan. If you ride you should definitely be a member of AMA.

So I spoke to Alex, the guy who as coming to get my bike. He too was very pleasant on the phone. He said he could be there in just over an hour. For a Friday on this particular weekend, that ain’t bad. So Alex was going to pick Bonnie up with his pick up truck. I have had a pick up truck come get my bike in the past. They guy laid down a ramp from the bed of the truck and two of us had to push it up on to the truck. When Alex got out of his black pick up truck he looked as if he could lift the bike up on his own. He’s a big dude. But no, he has a flat bed mechanism that lowers down to street level. He just had to roll it on to the platform then securely strap it down. The whole bed is then lifted up to the bed of the truck by wench. Easy. Alex has a company Motomorphic New York L.L.C. I highly recommend them for your towing needs. They also have reasonable rates for storing bikes in the winter (if that’s your thing). You can see photos of Alex’s rig HERE.

This morning I got a call from Alex telling me my Bonnie was delivered safely. I then called Gold Coast Motor Sports to discuss the work that needed to be done. I’ll let you know haw things go with Gold Coast. I want my Bonnie ready for some serious miles this Summer.

Get ready for another epic ride with me and my Bonnie.