Notes from the Road

While traveling down the interstate away from Vegas I saw 3 deaf people in a car. I could see the guy in the back seat gesturing wildly as he spoke to the others in the in the front seat, but they were facing forward. Now how does that work?

I think people who text while driving should have their fingers severed. Afterward if they feel a loss I will gladly raise a finger in their honor.

Have you ever stared up at the stars on a clear night. Did you know that you can see satellites flying by? Lots of ’em! They are like tiny stars that travel in a straight line across the sky. Check it out!

I saw a group of Mongols at a gas station. They were all sporting their colors. I thought this was unusual because of an ongoing battle with the Federal government. To mess with the Mongols, the Feds bought the trademark to the Mongol patch making it illegal to wear. (I looked it up, the battle is still pending). I wanted to take their picture but those guys are pretty scary.

I had a bottle of juice from Boathouse Farms. It was half fruit and half vegetable with a strong berry flavor. It may be one of the most delicious things I have ever tasted.

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