Howdy Folks!

I didn’t want September to go by without a post.
Not much has happened on the riding end since the cross country trip. My Bonnie apparently needed a rest. And to be honest, so did I. That starter issue I was having in Arkansas returned. She just wouldn’t start. While attempting to trace the wires to the source, a guy walked by who knew a thing or two about electrical systems. He showed me where the problem was and how to circumvent the problem if I needed to. Since then she has been starting again without a problem. She’s a moody bitch, but I love her. I have been meaning to take her in for some basic maintenance, but who wants to lose these glorious cool Fall riding days. I have been riding to work on a regular basis and hope to get in some mini adventures before it gets too cold. Until then, thanks for stopping by. More to come soon.

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