Montauk Bound

Last weekend I went for a healthy ride. It had been a while. My initial thought was to ride to the mountains. I decided instead to head in the other direction, Long Island. Wherever I travel I like to visit a site from Roadside America if possible. On this journey it was the Big Duck in Flanders, NY.

Once I was on the road I was determined to make it all the way to the Montauk tip. It is a long ride. About 125 miles each way. The first big chunk of the ride is on a long 4 lane highway with an HOV lane. Before Long Island splits at the end I exited to the east and hit Route 24. That’s where you find the Big Duck. Then on to Route 27 where things get more scenic.

I had only visited Long Island twice before. As a teen I came out here with some friends. I got into a shouting match with the neighbor of the people we were visiting and I was asked to leave. I never went back until a few years ago when I visited the Hamptons with a girl I was seeing. She rode a Vespa, but she didn’t ride there. She had it shipped out there. There was another guy who had a share at the house for the summer. He rode a Ducati. I was shocked to hear that he had it shipped out there too. At the time I wasn’t riding. But it sure struck me as odd that you would have your bike shipped from NYC to Long Island. Now I think it’s just silly. My ride through the Hamptons was nice. It’s a slow ride, but the Fall foliage was looking good! Then it was on to the beach.

It was fun watching the little guy handling that stick like a big dog.

This guy stood and stared. He never did take the plunge.

And finally the northern tip. The lighthouse at Montauk.

The sun dropped along with the temperature. It was a long cold ride home, but you gotta squeeze in as much as you can this time of year. Soon the long ride will go on hold for a few months.

One Response to “Montauk Bound”

  1. Nice scenery, nice photos and nice ride. Must have been about the last good ride you took, everything is on frozen lockdown here and it can’t be any better further north. Good luck staying sane all winter.

    Behind Bars – Motorcycles and Life

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