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The Bike Show and Winter

Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2011 by Pat Regan

The International Motorcycle show was in NYC last weekend with much of the same old same old. However, Triumph returned to showcase their new bikes. I checked out the new Triumph Tiger 800 XC (fully loaded).

It sure would add a new element to the cross country adventure. But I’ll be sticking with my Bonnie for the time being. I have been keeping Bonnie in the garage since December. We have been hit with a good deal of snow so, I am glad I did. My neighbor’s Triumph Tiger was buried up to the handlebars.

I did get something from the bike show which will benefit my future adventures. I got a camera platform to attach to my handlebars.

All the riding video I have taken up to now has been done with a funky rig using a Gorillapod or me holding it with my left hand. It will be nice to have an easy access platform where I can just push a button and film with minimal vibrations! Now all I need is good riding weather.

Here are a few shots from the International Motorcycle Show.