The Bike Show and Winter

The International Motorcycle show was in NYC last weekend with much of the same old same old. However, Triumph returned to showcase their new bikes. I checked out the new Triumph Tiger 800 XC (fully loaded).

It sure would add a new element to the cross country adventure. But I’ll be sticking with my Bonnie for the time being. I have been keeping Bonnie in the garage since December. We have been hit with a good deal of snow so, I am glad I did. My neighbor’s Triumph Tiger was buried up to the handlebars.

I did get something from the bike show which will benefit my future adventures. I got a camera platform to attach to my handlebars.

All the riding video I have taken up to now has been done with a funky rig using a Gorillapod or me holding it with my left hand. It will be nice to have an easy access platform where I can just push a button and film with minimal vibrations! Now all I need is good riding weather.

Here are a few shots from the International Motorcycle Show.

4 Responses to “The Bike Show and Winter”

  1. really digging the looks of that Triumph Tiger….
    sweet! not a good look for a moto to be under the snow
    like that…. straight up neglect. nah… but yAY!
    The Indian is 4 me though
    one thing i wanna do before i die is learn how to ride √

  2. That is the big question. Am I up for it?
    The real answer may be I just can’t help myself.

    • Brian Sherman Says:

      Sounds like a great reason to me!!! Keep us posted on the trip. I love to follow along, even if I cant go!!

  3. Brian Sherman Says:

    Im really liking the Tigerr 800, read an article on it and its getting some good feedback. I slipped out on the 14 of January (in delaware) and road for a few days, boy was it cold!!! Ready for some warm weather.
    What are your plans for a cross country trip? are you up for it again this summer?

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