Weather Killed the March Post

Weather killed the March post. Here in the NYC area we are not getting a break from the cold and rain. This recent weather following a snow blasted Winter has left this MFer longing for a good ride. I’ve been riding to and from work on occasion and and errand now and again. But please give me some good sunny days!

I brought Bonnie in for a check up during the month of March. The people at Gold Coast Motorsports Ltd took care of the 12,000 mile maintenance. It was a little overdue as the odometer is well past 27,000 miles (of course it’s the second 12,ooo mile maintenance). And there was a good deal of maintenance to be done. I also asked for the front and rear tire to be changed.  The front was a Metzler and it was worn down. The rear I was riding was a cheap Dunlop tire I bought in Mizzoula, MT a few thousand miles ago. I bought it out of necessity as my rear Metzler was about to go. So now I have a new set of Metzler Lazertecs and an engine running really well. The guys at Gold Coast have the bike in running tight and strong. I am eager for a long ride.

I have a week off coming up soon. Let’s see if I can squeeze in a little adventure and jazz this blog up a little.

Saw this classic Triumph on the street the other day.


2 Responses to “Weather Killed the March Post”

  1. Because of your website, the pictures and stories I have fallen in love again with my Triumph Scrambler. Thank you.

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