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Up the River

Posted in Uncategorized on May 30, 2011 by Pat Regan

I took a ride north along the Hudson River. Along the Hudson River is misleading as there are few spots on the way where you actually are along the river. I rode route 9 all the way up to Poughkeepsie, then crossed the Hudson and returned. I saw a few things on the way.

After leaving Manhattan route 9 brings you through Yonkers.

As you move along the only way to see the Hudson is to leave the highway and head down the side roads. Unfortunately when you get there much of it is blocked by the railroad.

There are a number of old towns along the way. It would take some ‘know how’ to get across the tracks to see some of the old buildings along the river.

In Tarrytown I visited the former home of Washington Irving. It’s called Sunnyside.

If this were Irving’s time, I’d be looking down uninterrupted rolling hills, cascading to the river. Instead I am looking at 8 pair of train track, poles and wires.

I spotted this groundhog hiding out in a drain pipe.

I continued north. I stopped in Sleepy Hollow to have a look at Philipsburg Manor but I did not go in.

I continued north up route 9 to Ossining, NY. This is where you find Sing Sing. Sing Sing is a maximum security prison. As you see by the sign such terms as, ‘Up the River’, The Big House’, and ‘The Last Mile’ originated here.

The tower guard started yelling at me as I was taking this photo. No photos allowed.

From Sing Sing I rode up to Poughkeepsie where I crossed the Hudson and headed south. On the way I passed Gomez Mill.

Then I rode to Bear Mountain Before heading home.

On the way down the mountain I saw a 4 foot black snake about to cross the road. I chased him back into the woods so he didn’t become road kill.