Pow Wow @Floyd Bennett Field

I rode out to Floyd Bennett Field last weekend to see the Gateway to Nations Pow Wow.

I found out about this pow wow while traveling cross country in 2009 where I bumped into Cliff at the Crow Agency Pow Wow in Montana.  I was riding through the tee pee village when I hear, “Where you from?” I say “NY.” He screams “Brooklyn!” He let me pitch my tent next to his camper and showed me around. Cliff helps organize the pow wow here in NYC.

I went to the pow wow at Floyd Bennett Field last year too, but didn’t post it here as I took the subway and a bus to get there. My bike was in the shop. It’s a spectacular event I recommend to all.

Cliff welcomes some of the new young dancers to the pow wow.

The sounds of the drummers and singers penetrate the soul as you watch the dancers perform.

This is the Birdman. Very cool dude. He is pointing out extra barbs on the beak which the falcon uses to sever the spinal cord of it’s prey.

After leaving the pow wow, I rode around a bit. Until you see the numbers you may not realize that this is no road you are riding on, It’s a former runway. A runway on which Amelia Earheart, Howard Hughes and Wiley Post once touched down.

There is a secluded campground on the other side of the airfield as well. I spoke to one of the campers and unfortunately was told this campground will be closing in two months to allow for development. End of an era. So if you want to camp in Brooklyn at a remote, wooded campground for 20 bucks a night, you have to do it this summer.

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  1. magnifique photos !

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