Cross Country 2011 Begins

And so, the journey begins….Bye Bye NYC! Your palm trees just don’t compare. West coast here I come!

I’m off to a rocky start. Been sick for over a week. Still feeling it today, but it was time to go. I’ve got the traveling jones! I felt that staying home wasn’t doing me much good. Must be sleeping under TB Sheets. Gotta go. Gotta go! I wanted to leave July 4th, but I just wasn’t prepared. Still feeling unprepared, I left the following day. Last year on June 5th it was 105 degrees in NYC. This year it was a balmy 94. I always planned on stopping in Maryland the first night, but I had no defined route. Feeling ill the way I did, the thought of Interstate 95 just didn’t appeal to me. Besides it goes against my adventure’s policy to take interstates (unless necessary). I want to see the country. I want to see the little things that make this country great.

Unfortunately the only way out of NYC is a series of major overcrowded arteries. So I went due west on 78. Someone in the fast lane slammed their brakes causing a chain reaction of red lights coming at me like dominoes. I quickly looked over my right shoulder and crossed two lanes to safety. Unfortunately my new mirrors don’t provide the field of vision I had with my previous set, so I did not see the police car behind me until he was right on my tail. He did not see the two lane shift in the same light as me.  I got pulled over. This New Jersey State Trooper was not the chatty type either. He told me I was up on two violations for $160 each plus points. He asked if my license was clean. I said perfectly. He told me to sit on the bike until he returned. When he did, I was handed my very first ticket. However, he said since I was cooperative, he knocked off those charges to a lesser one and the fine would only be $49 with no points. Wheeew!

I rode on to Lancaster PA. I figured I’d see some Amish stuff there, but all I saw was on old city reflecting a depressed economy. So I moved on. I did have one site I absolutely wanted to see. I rode many miles beyond it before I realized I needed to turn around. A few more wrong turns and more backtracking followed, but I found it! The Shoe House!

Unfortunately it was closed since 4:00. But well worth the oddball vision nonetheless! From there I headed to my Dad’s house for the night. In the morning a storm was rolling in, so I am here waiting it out. I’ll be on my way south shortly.

7 Responses to “Cross Country 2011 Begins”

  1. Now I really wanna rent a winnebago….

  2. Hey Gumbo brains
    It’s your music teacher cohort here. I hate that you’rehaving fun. No really looks like a blast. Finally remembered to check in. Man you’re gonna hate for this summer to end. I’m going to keep checking in now that I saved this.. Drive safe. Love the pics.

  3. The nurse in me wants to help you feel better. Follow this advice and you will be cold free in no time: get a piece of ginger root (in all markets near the garlic) take a piece about the size of your thumb. cut it up in chunks and boil it for 20 minutes. Drink hot or cold with honey is better. Will get you better in no time at all. chew or suck on the rest as you travel. All symptoms will disappear.
    Also a must have for travel….now Patrick I’m not kidding so stop laughing at me…get a small bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar…..use it for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! burns, stomach problems, constipation, antiseptic, colds, earaches, water in your ear…….. Have a wonderful journey….

  4. Keep her between the hedges!

  5. wow, cops got my boy! sounds like it’s a lucky alternative to getting rear-ended. plead not guilty and i will road trip out there and beat it for you. keep the updates coming and be safe

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