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Riding downtown to Occupy Wall Street

Posted in Uncategorized on October 3, 2011 by Pat Regan

I feel bad that I missed a September post. But as is often the case, my riding slows down a bit after a cross country adventure. This weekend saw intermittent rains so I kept my riding within city limits. I rode downtown. I was curious to see the Wall Street protest that has been going on for over a week now. I parked in the would be shadows of the World Trade Center. The new buildings are looking good and finally going up at a rapid pace. Maybe it is just a normal pace, but with all the construction delays it sure seems to be moving at a fast rate.

I really like the way the sky reflects on the building’s surface. If the surrounding buildings have this same effect, it’s gonna look great! It will be like a live Magritte cityscape.

Before we get to the protest I have to share a motorcycle parked nearby. I am guessing it belonged to one of the protesters. After seeing the photos to come, I think you will agree.

Ain’t she pretty! Now, on to the protest. It’s called Occupy Wall Street and it’s a worthy cause, but after seeing it I was a little deflated. On Saturday thousands showed up, but many may have been lured by the rumor of a surprise Radiohead performance. 700 people were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. If you don’t know the layout, it is easy to unintentionally end up on the road of the bridge instead of the walkway if you are caught up in a group. That group was actually following cops on to the bridge before being rounded up and arrested. A little game of mousetrap if you ask me. That was Saturday. This is what I saw on Sunday.

Granted it was Sunday. Everybody deserves a day of rest. I have mixed feelings about the execution of the protest. I don’t have the answers. Like I said it is a worthy cause and people are out there. Maybe just the fact that they are out there is worthy in itself. Good for the folks that fight the fight for others! My photos only concentrate on some of the more colorful characters. There were others painting signs, playing drums, making sandwiches and instigating debate and conversation. I don’t think it is fair to judge what’s going on by a short glimpse on a Sunday afternoon. I hope that they get the support they need to carry on. The media has been fickle and at times misleading about this event. I have seen photoshop doctored photos increasing crowd sizes and this morning I read in the paper that thousands more showed up on Sunday after Saturday’s arrests. I was there and these people were there, but not in the thousands. Not even close.