Bring Back My Bonnie To Me

Another 3 weeks! That is how long it took for a part to arrive. The bearing under the gasket beneath the clutch adjustment lever was causing the leak. So now, all leaks should be sealed. It was time to ride and the weather was right. Last winter’s weather made riding near impossible. It was cold and we got dumped on a few times with tons of snow. This winter has been mild. I have missed some good riding days. Whatever, finally it was time to twist that throttle and test those weeping seals.

I returned to the area where I was forced to stop in the last post because of the leak. Back to the East River. There was one more place in Queens I wanted to explore before heading south. The housing and parks development along the river has been growing at a rapid pace. Over mountainous piles of dirt I found perhaps the last piece of untouched land along the river.

It’s almost impossible to believe that this hadn’t been developed long ago. But here it is. I think I will adopt this as my new clubhouse.

I was also surprised to find horse shoe crabs right here in NYC!

Here lies the entire carcass of an old rusted car!

Granted I did climb between fences to enter this site, but I had seen no signs to hinder me. So happily I rolled along. Then after walking to the other end of this pristine landscape I noticed the back of a sign. The sign itself is directed at the water. So, obviously it wasn’t meant for me.

I headed south into Brooklyn. I liked this old shack with the fire/police box.

The warehouse areas in Greenpoint and Williamburg have some great graffiti.

These artists were laying out a new piece.

Hope Street has some nice pieces including the Shepard Fairy below.

I stopped by Indian Larry Motorcycles for a photo with the new sign. Indian Larry is no longer with us, but they continue to make beautiful bikes at this shop.

Then I headed down toward DUMBO. On the way you pass the old Brooklyn Navy Yards. There are a series of old abandoned  homes beyond this big red wall.

The red wall turns to iron gate as you proceed along the old homes for Navy brass known as Admiral’s Row.

Then onto DUMBO. For those that don’t know, it’s an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. And just below the bridge is this small area with a decrepit pier. I took this shot of the wall to the right of the pier.  What is the purpose of the upside down arch?

The Norton Commando 750. I sat on the new version of this at the bike show. Gotta love like the cafe racer classic.

I continued down to Red Hook and had a look back at the city where the new WTC clearly dominates the downtown skyline.

I stopped by the Brooklyn Ice House to warm up and have a couple delicious pulled pork sandwiches (2 for $5) and a brew.

What could just as easily be a monalithic factory on a rural landscape, this monster sits at the mouth of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.

The Gowanus Canal (once Gowanus Creek) was once a bustling shipping lane and now a putrid mess.

Actually the city is working on a 4 year plan to clean up the canal. You can see how the oil slicks just sit atop the water. There is no flow in or out of the canal.

But it seems no matter where I travel and no matter what the conditions, there are those who are happy to call it home.

One Response to “Bring Back My Bonnie To Me”

  1. Brad Albaugh Says:

    awesome shots as always, keep up the good work!

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