Staten Island Part 3

Here I go again. Back to Staten Island. It’s my favorite new playground. After reading more about the old farm colony I visited during my last journey over here, I found out that there is more to see across Brielle Avenue. Sea View Hospital has many old buildings sitting vacant. Some I knew about and confirmed using satellite photos, but below is one of many buildings which are hidden under the canopy. These were open air pavilions for people with tuberculosis.

The first buildings I went to were built between 1909 and 1911. The complex was the largest tuberculosis treatment center in the country.

This next group of photos are from the children’s hospital. A tuberculosis hospital for children. The children’s hospital was built between 1935 and 1937.

I quote a fellow blogger:
“By the 1960′s the medical staff at Sea view was discovering new medicine, they invented something called isoniazids, this was a treatment for TB. With the new medicine the demand for TB beds went down drastically and therefore Sea View in a way put itself out of business.”

Besides being the name of my dad’s dog as a child, Rusty is the concentration of the following shots. I returned to the Farm Colony in Staten Island last week. This time I focused on the rusty bits.

And a few other farm shots.

4 Responses to “Staten Island Part 3”

  1. LOVE the rust. love love love.

  2. Brad Albaugh Says:

    Reminds me of the landscapes in post apocalyptic movies or video games. Movies that come to mind are ‘The Road’ and ‘The Book of Eli’. Both favorites of mine, I love post apocalyptic stories. However you interpret them, your photographs are stunning.

  3. brian sherman Says:

    Nice pics, great ride, so whats up for the summer, cross country again???

    • Hey Brian. Thanks. The cross country thing is always in on my mind. But it’s never confirmed until that bag is packed. Whether or not I go ocean to ocean…there will be adventures ahead!

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