Fort Tilden and the month of May

It’s been a busy month! Had a few adventures here and there. One of them was to Fort Tilden. Fort Tilden was a small military base just across the bridge at the very end of Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. I took the long way out there since there was some bicycling event across the Verrazano Bridge that day clogging up traffic on the main highway. So here is the scenic route through Brooklyn.

I rolled through the cemetery on the way.

Then on to Fort Tilden.

I parked by an old warehouse and headed out on foot. There are many overgrown acres to explore. I started at some old barracks. Only the cement walls and the roof remain.

As I walked along the path closest to the beach I came across and old pillbox that faces the Ocean.

The old entry on the roof had been broken off so I climbed down the ladder and inside.

From atop the pillbox.

After taking a long path through a great deal of thick wiry shrubs I came to the underground bunkers which once held a huge 16 inch gun pointed out to sea.

Everything here is wonderfully rusty.

Continuing down a bike path I ran into what looked like old enclosed loading docks. Inside was lots of graffiti and plenty of rusty bits.

Then I went looking for a place where the used to keep Nike Hercules and Nike Ajax missiles. On the way I found another area with a bulldozer and some small buildings.

Before leaving Fort Tilden I hopped the fence and visited the big warehouse you saw me parked next to when I arrived. It was very cool inside!

The Fort Tilden trip ended with a stop at Coney Island Creek. I was looking for remnants of some sunken ships. Besides sunken ships there is the tip of an old submarine. You can see the top of the sub sticking up from the water a little left of center in the photo below. It was built by a man who had a plan to lift the Andrea Doria from the depths of the sea. Unfortunately this adventure never took place. It’s an interesting story (Click Here).

If you are a follower of this blog, you may remember a guy I met at a pow wow at Crow Angency, Montana in 2009. His name is Cliff. He also organizes the big pow wow here in Brooklyn which is coming up this weekend. Last weekend Cliff invited me to the REDRUM BBQ.

There were bikes lined up in front of the clubhouse. I parked Bonnie right about where that dude in the red shirt is way down the street. Cliff’s bike is that bad ass bobbed out bike with the white walls, second one in.

I discovered my gas cap makes for a great coaster.

I was getting ready to leave. A guy form the club stopped me. He said, “Are you leaving? You might want to stay another twenty minutes for the award ceremony. We have a plaque for Best British Bike, and you have the only British bike.” So by default I won the plaque! Yay!

Below are some random bikes I have seen around town.

This is a sculpture on Park Avenue. It consists of a bunch of knocked over Harleys a la A Bronx Tale.

But one of my favorite rides in May was with this motorcycle mama. Really! That’s my mom! I took her for a ride around town on Mother’s Day.

6 Responses to “Fort Tilden and the month of May”

  1. brian sherman Says:

    Any cross country plans????

  2. Judi Bendewald Says:

    Great to see your mother along for the ride!

  3. Jimmy lee Owen Says:

    As always fantastic and very interesting photos. Thanks for sharing.

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