Wheels Through Time

I have been a little bummed as I can’t take a whole lot of photos of some of the outdoor sites I have seen because of constant rain. But I found something phenomenal indoors! If you appreciate vintage bikes, then Wheels Through Time is motorcycle heaven! In most museums one might expect velvet ropes or glass showcases to prevent you from getting too close to their displays. Not at this place. You can get up close and personal with some of the finest machines ever built over the last 100 years. Not only that, don’t be startled by the banging sounds of one of these beautiful old vintage classics getting fired up before your eyes. They call it the “museum that runs”, as all these bikes are in working condition. The staff here is super friendly and occasionally crank a bike over and you can hear their thunder! The staff here are all happy to talk about their vintage beauties.

Dale Walksler the museum’s curator is very friendly and approachable. In fact he and the people here will approach you and ask if you have questions or ask about what you are up to.? Below is Dale’s son Matt. He is working on this old Indian. He is just about to get this thing to turn over. Right now he can only get one good pop out of her. He told me something interesting. If you have watched the show American Pickers you may already know Wheels Through Time. They have sold a thing or two to the museum. Matt is working on an old bike to bring to Sturgis and deliver it to the fellas on American Pickers. The thing is, the show American Restoration will get the credit. Makes me wonder how much of those shows on the History Channel are contrived.

They have some classic cars here as well. I was grinning with excitement the whole time I was there as I walked around this magical place.

The Crocker, one of the most collectable of all motorcycles.

As I was sitting outside trying to plan my route west with the least amount of thunderstorms possible, Dale rode up the ramp one handed in the rain, while holding a tray of melon in the other hand to give to his guests. This is a fantastic museum where Dale and his staff make you feel right at home. Go experience Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, NC. You won’t regret it.

6 Responses to “Wheels Through Time”

  1. Looks like a great place. Will need to check it out next time I’m passIng through NC

  2. Nice, I love Wheels Through Time. Be heading that way in September… Enjoy.

  3. Another great post. Ench fox and I hoisted some whiskies to you yesterday after work.

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