Utah – Part One

So, yes I have neglected my posting responsibilities. And now I have so much to upload, it’s overwhelming. So let me take the time to post a little bit at a time and get caught up eventually. When I left off I was having a most excellent day. I was riding the last bit of the rockies and headed west into Utah. I hopped on the Interstate for a moment (no choice) and then cut into a small road that leads to the canyons along the Colorado River. The road starts off through the desert. There were storms all around me this day though I stayed dry. However in these parts when there are storms, flash floods soon follow.

Even roughing it in these parts looks to me like a great way to live.

The desert climate soon becomes rocky as the Colorado river begins to parallel the road.

Here is an old suspension bridge crossing the Colorado.

Soon thereafter the canyon becomes deeper and the views are magnificent! I was getting close to my home for the next couple days.

When I arrived at this small primitive campsite along the Colorado, I was afraid the riverside sites were full. But there was one available and it was the largest one of all at the end. And because it was on the end technically my site was boundless to the south. Just after I set up the tent a family of wild turkeys strolled by.

And to top off the end of this glorious day, mother nature dropped an impressive stripe of color across the sky.

The night was equally spectacular. I love staring at an open sky without the pollution of light. In this shot however the canyons are lit temporarily by a truck that shines a spotlight across the rocks as a boat tour passes in the river.

It may be a primitive campsite, but it comes with a very large bathtub!

Another great thing about this site is it’s location to Moab and Arches National Park. In fact Arches is just beyond the cliffs you see in the picture above. I realize you ladies probably didn’t even notice the cliffs with that hunk of man in the water. But let’s go have a look at some of Arches without the distractions.

I have been to Arches a number of times before. Once with a girlfriend who just hated it! Hated it! Never could figure that one. This time I didn’t explore the whole park, I just wanted to capture a little of that golden hour.

The following day I went to a park I had wanted to go to in past travels but never had enough gas. This time I fueled up and headed to Goblin State Park. A jackal ran past me just before I got my camera out for this shot.

Then I went to the heart of Goblin State Park. There you encounter a strange, surreal almost extraterrestrial landscape.

A Boy Scout troop invited me to go spelunking with them in a cave they found here. Unfortunately I didn’t get food for the night and wasn’t prepared to stay and camp there.

Well, I’d love to get all caught up on the adventures, but there is still much to see. I will try to post more often. There is more of Utah to come.

4 Responses to “Utah – Part One”

  1. Hey, great pictures so far! Keep them coming. I’ve checked your “gear” page but can’t find what model camera you use for your trips. You’ve probably posted it a million times, could you post it one more time? Thanks!

    • This year I upgraded from a Canon 30D to 60D. However my lens slipped a ring making it difficult. Not impossible but tough. I also carry a Canon S95. It’s an amazing little camera with big camera features.

  2. Brian Sherman Says:

    Great trip man, love the pics. Keep them coming. I was starting to wonder what happened to ya! Took a day ride myself today, covered eastern PA, 200 plus miles, not quite what youve been upto but felt good to get my bonnie out on the open road.

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