Vegas Baby!

Oh Vegas! I am not a gambling man. For me Vegas generally means rest in a nice place at the right price. Of course it offers a decent photo op as well. Thank you ladies!

One thing I like to do in Vegas is go to the pool and put suntan lotion on my face except where my goggles have left me with that raccoon tan. Gotta balance out.

I bumped into De Niro while walking about as well. He was looking dapper. After snapping this shot, he asked to see it. Then he responded, “Good fucking picture!”

Fremont Street.

I had to go check out the place where they film Pawn Stars.

None of the characters were at the pawn shop, but they obviously recognize the commercial appeal of Chum.

I never had found the classic Vegas sign until this visit. It’s right down the street from the pawn shop.

I stayed at the Imperial Palace. Where else can you stay right on the strip for $29 a night! Above their garage they have an ongoing car show. There are some really beautiful automobiles up there. Many of them are for sale.

They even had a three wheel car with a two wheel engine.

I walked around the strip a bit, but not too much. The crowds exhaust me. I’ll get enough of that when I return home to NYC. Later Vegas!

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