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Coast to Coast 2012 : B Sides and Outtakes

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Howdy Folks!

Well, it was another tremendous adventure across the nation. I am still adjusting to life back in the city. My heart and soul yearns for the night’s vast canvas of flickering skies and days spent on the open roads. But a guy has to make a living.

Below is a map depicting all 5 of my cross country journeys followed by many photos I didn’t have time to go through as I rode along this summer. I have created a page on the sidebar depicting the trip in chronological order with the new photos included (or you can click the link below the map to get there). Thanks for coming along with me on this glimpse into my great adventure and enjoy making the most of yours!

CLICK HERE to see the 2012 Coast to Coast journey in chronological order.

The B Sides

I stopped by my mom’s place on the way out of town. That window with the tape on it was my bedroom growing up.

Along the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Spiderman and Ice Age brings us back to 2002. I hope the Lincoln Theater makes a comeback.

Norton Commando in Arkansas.

Carrie Nation’s Home, Medicine Lodge, KS.

Pike’s Peak, CO.

Sometimes you have to stop for construction. To be able to take a break, stretch the legs and maybe talk to some fellow travelers is often welcome relief after many miles of travel. This couple ahead were from Canada.

Arches National Park.

Goblin State Park, UT.

Hovenweep National Monument.

Los Angeles, CA.

Back in Colorado, I had a Rocky Mountain fun night under the stars playing with some lighting effects.

Sturgis, SD.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND.

Gear 2012

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People have inquired and I’ve always meant to do it , so let’s break down my gear.  Here is the bike fully loaded. When I returned home, I took everything out and documented it.

Accessories from left to right:

1) Tank Bag by Bags Connection

2) Camelback Water Pack

(wraps around the tank bag so I can drink while I ride)

3) Sea to Summit Waterproof Bag

4) Camouflage Tarp

(with contents folded within)

5) Tent Back

(clips to Speedpack)

6) Speedpack by Bags Connection

7) Airhawk Inflatable Seat

Tank Bag

The tank bag has a easy to read clear map pocket. The uppermost pocket is where I keep my Canon S95 so I have quick and easy access to it.

Left Pocket

The read pouch contains some earphones

Dental floss 

Kickstand plate

Ear plugs




Lip balm

Anti itch medication (damn mosquitos)

Knife sharpener

Magnifying glass



Extra keys

Extra buckles

Right Pocket


Reading glasses

Air pressure gauge

Pens and a highlighter

DEET bug spray





Extra zipper pulls

Main Compartment

Canon 60D in a soft case and accessories

Assorted goggles

Bag of earplugs




Playing cards (got em free in Reno)


2 Masks

Baseball cap



Extra belt 1″



Suntan lotion

Brunton rechargable battery


Two extension cords

Two notebooks

Contents of the Sea to Summit bag:

iGo (AA charger)

Battery charger (S95)

Battery charger (60D)

Plug for laptop

FM transmitter (for ipod)

Transfer wire for cameras

Camelback Hydration Waist Pack

The Camelback can be seen if the photo with the tank bag. It holds 1.5 liters of water. In the extra pocket I keep my house keys, some AAA batteries and loose change.

Airhawk Inflatable Seat Cushion

It makes all the difference for the long ride.

Speedpack by Bags Connection

Attached to the bag you see a couple extra bungees, some of those giant paper clips which I use for hanging stuff or as a clamp and some loose feathers I found on the way.

Right Side Compartment

2 cans of soup

1 can of tuna

1 bag of almonds

1 of 2 Kitchen Sink bowls

Can of bug spray

Can of chain lube spray

4 bungees

1 waterproof see thru camera bag

Waterproof matches

1 small umbrella

A blue Sea to Summit bag that contains:

AA batteries

A small lantern

Swiss Army Knife

Exacto Tool

Go Pro Camera

Small shovel

1 headlamp


Left Side Compartment

Tool Kit

Extra gloves

Breakfast bars

Emergency blanket

Tube inflator

Biodegradable camp soap

2 of 2 Kitchen Sinks

A toothbrush for oiling chain

Battle of water from Triumph

Peanut butter and jelly packets

At any given time I would stuff either pocket with food or drink.

Main Compartment

5 that turned into 4 pair of socks

5 pair of underwear

2 pair of pants

2 short sleeve shirts

2 long sleeve shirts

A Pashima blanket

1 Camp towel

I large see to Summit Bag (in case)

2 Platypus water containers (a one liter and a four liter)

Pair of running shoes

Toiletries bag (contents are to each his own)

2 Road Atlases (small one for tearing out and placing on the tank bag)

Laptop Computer


Hammock with straps

1 Cocoon sleeping bag

1 Cocoon pillow

1 sleeping bag

A water resistant bag containing the following:

Collapsable plate, saucer and cup.

My old Boy Scout fork, knife and spoon set

Camp stove


1 pot and saucer

I scrubby to clean with

Tent Bag

Eureka Backcountry tent

REI sleeping pad

Big Boy Saw

Tent spikes

Rope fasteners

2 plastic table cloths

(in a separate waterproof bag is a tripod)

Sea to Summit Waterproof Bag

I fleece jacket

1 fleece pants

I rain pants

1 rain jacket

Rubber kitchen gloves

Waterproof gloves with liners (Once your hands are damp, forget about it!)

Folded into the camouflage tarp

1 seat

1 small foldable cooler

1 plastic table cloth

Rain cover for tank bag


Towel and swim trunks when damp