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Calm Before the Storm

Posted in Uncategorized on October 28, 2012 by Pat Regan

As I did some last minute shopping before Hurricane Sandy makes her presence known, I realized the city was calm. Very calm. I figured I could take a little city ride and actually enjoy it. I hadn’t ridden much this week because I got freaked out last week. It was one of those situations every biker has to deal with. A guy in the left lane jumped into the right lane where I happened to be. I quickly counter steered and leaned my bike to the right. By the time the guy saw me, he was able to slam on his brakes just slightly bumping into my front forks. I kept the bike upright. I told the guy to pull over. But he took off! I snapped!!! I took off after him. Riding along side of him down Northern Boulevard in Queens, I yelled at him to pull over. He refused. Northern Boulevard is normally a hairy ride on a normal day and now I am enraged. ┬áThis dangerous Queens road was made even more dangerous as I began throwing side kicks connecting with the passenger door of his car. I ended up getting ahead of him and cutting him off. I don’t know what I was thinking. I was losing it! He rolled down his window and kept repeating, “Sorry, I didn’t see you!” I realized at that point that I was a basically a madman! I just yelled, ” If the guy in front of you stops, you stop. You don’t jump in the other lane without looking! Understand?!!” That was it. I hopped back on my bike and furiously rode away. Afterward I was left frazzled. I lost my cool. Not good. As I result I haven’t been enthusiastic about riding in the city. But today when I saw how calm the streets were. I hopped on Bonnie and took a leisurely ride around the city. It was nice!

I came across this old Bonnie and stopped for a photo. A little then and now for ya!

I continued riding around. I stopped for a shot by my old elementary schoolyard.

I could feel the winds picking up and I knew rain was on it’s way, so I took the bike back to the garage to weather the storm. I hope everybody avoids pending damage. Bring it on!