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Year of the Snake

Posted in Uncategorized on February 12, 2013 by Pat Regan

I rode down to Chinatown today to get my favorite soup. Bo Ky makes a yummy coconut curry chicken noodle soup. The food here is excellent. It’s one of those restaurants in Chinatown where most of the customers are Chinese. Always a good sign.


Speaking of good signs…the year of the snake is my Chinese zodiac sign.


Happy New Year! 


The Blackout and Beyond

Posted in Uncategorized on February 1, 2013 by Pat Regan

This is the longest break I have taken from the blog since it’s beginning. There are a number of reasons which I will get into, but let’s start off by saying all is well. Some motorcycle blogs have ended abruptly for terrible reasons. Know that this is not the case here.

My last post was just before Hurricane Sandy. Then…lights out! Total darkness fell on downtown Manhattan. Riding through the city streets at night during the blackout was haunting and surreal. Silent blackness lined the streets with only a single headlight to guide my way. Understand this is New York City! Generally these streets are overflowing with 24 hours of blaring mayhem. Now shhhhhhh. Nothing. No one. Excellent!


My garage weathered the storm better than some others I know of. It’s in the basement of a building, but I am on the high ground.

IMG_0014 68

I rode downtown to see how my mom was doing. I didn’t find her (she was fine), but I did pass this building on 8th Avenue. The entire facade was blown off. There is an article in the Daily News today stating that this building was being used as an illegal hotel.

IMG_0025 57

With the nearby hospitals out of power people had to be transferred. Ambulances lined up around the block to take people away.

IMG_0067ooo 44

IMG_0053 49

Looking down Park Avenue from 34th Street only the local traffic lit up the streets. Below is a taxi approaching the entrance to a tunnel on Park Avenue.

IMG_0107 35

A motorcycle exits the tunnel at 39th Street where people were nearly unaffected by the hurricane. North of 39th Street no one lost electricity.

IMG_0092 34 copy

Fortunately my summer adventures prepared me for living without my normal conveniences that electricity provides. All my camping gear served me well. Below: looking east on 34th Street.

IMG_0123 34

The Empire State Building had it’s own power source and stayed lit throughout the surrounding darkness.

IMG_0120 34

In the foreground looking north you can see the row of buildings darkened by the blackout with uptown illuminated like a rising sun on the horizon.

IMG_0132 29

The top of a water tower blew off a rooftop knocking this Ninja to the ground.

IMG_7818 cvopy

Across the street from my apartment a wall blew down exposing someone’s private storage facility.

IMG_0169 25

During the blackout downtown folks would cross the 39 Street parallel to plug in to outlets I would never have known existed previously. Large groups would congregate around, sharing extension cords and power strips to keep their precious electronic devices charged up.

IMG_0013 71

Belstaff has opened a store on Madison Avenue. For the holidays their mannequins sported illuminated helmets.

IMG_0194 13

Sadly my Nana passed away soon after Hurricane Sandy. I headed to New Orleans for the funeral. In the airport some M&M’s were set up like Easy Rider. If you follow this blog you have met Nana before. My brother and I visited her on our way to ride the Tail of the Dragon and I visited her again in the Summer of 2011. Nana was a lovely woman of 99 years when she passed. She spent her entire life in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina sent her packing. She and my Aunt moved to South Carolina for her remaining years. Now Nana rests next to Papa back in New Orleans under an old oak tree for eternity. Love ya Nana and Papa!

IMG_0374 6

In January the International Motorcycle Show came to town for it’s annual visit.

IMG_0290 10

The cold weather of the Northeast coast is not the only reason for the blog’s absence and why Bonnie has been kept in the garage most of this winter.  Don’t tell Bonnie, but there is a new girl I have been spending my time with. Say hello to Jillian. Below she happily gives the “New York Salute” to the recent speed record holder Jason DiSalvo on a Triumph Rocket III.


There have been a few good riding days for me and Bonnie, but mostly to and from work. And I must say after 52,000 miles of hard riding Bonnie is doing great. She is performing like a true champion!

IMG_0231 14

I can’t say the show was exceptional this year, but it is always nice to see the new innovations from the various manufacturers. I did get a new pair of gloves. After ripping through my second pair of Steve Held gloves I opted for a pair of Lee Parks. I haven’t tested them in extreme conditions yet, but they sure are comfortable. And Jillian got me the cool hat as seen in the photo above.

Below are a pair of Hayabusas being offered in a sweepstakes by the AMA. 1340 cc’s may be a bit much for me, but I threw my name in the drawing just the same.

IMG_0285 10

IMG_0280 10 copy

IMG_0276 10

IMG_0209 20

I always appreciate the Indian Larry bikes. It is ashame Larry is not with us anymore. Indian Larry motorcycles however continue to roll out of their garage in Brooklyn.

IMG_0174 24

IMG_0177 24

IMG_0195 21

I saw this bobbed out Bonnie at the Buffalo Chip in Sturgis this summer. At the Chip you couldn’t sit on it. Here you could.

IMG_0149 28

IMG_0137 31

IMG_0145 28 copy

IMG_0243 11

IMG_0141 30

I rode downtown to meet Jillian. It was the first time I took her for a ride on Bonnie. They seemed to get along quite well. I asked her if she wanted me to take it easy. She told me to ride like I normally ride. So I rode to the left of a long line of traffic and we were on our way. Smooth sailing.

IMG_0001 95

I leave you with various bikes of interest I have seen around the city. Take care folks. Hope the weather is kind.

IMG_0003 96

IMG_0056 32

IMG_0047 33

IMG_0014 43

IMG_0332 6