Spring Ride to Red Hook

It’s been a prolonged chilly Spring in New York City. I took a ride around town with Jillian on Saturday. We headed into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel and over to Red Hook. The tunnel was fun. It’s the longest of the exiting arteries leaving Manhattan and there was no one ahead of me. It’s darker than most tunnels giving it a trippy, telescopic, batcave effect as we zipped through to Brooklyn.

bonnie - 37

The effects from Hurricane Sandy are still noticeable here in Red Hook.

bonnie - 39

The rust is not from storm damage. These old trolleys looked pretty much as they did before the storm. The difference being that you can’t get close to them.

bonnie - 40

bonnie - 41

There is a big Fairway grocery store in the warehouse behind the trolleys, but the path along the water has been fenced off since the storm.

bonnie - 38

The shops and studios perpendicular to the Fairway now have a guarded entrance. I hear these studios were flooded and many artists lost their artwork. But it still makes a nice backdrop for my biker girl.

bonnie - 42

bonnie - 43

bonnie - 44

bonnie - 45

bonnie - 47

This sculpture of trees made of recycled bits stand at the end of the row of studios.

bonnie - 46

bonnie - 48

Though I have never taken it, the New York Water Taxi is a convenient way to travel between the boroughs and New Jersey.

bonnie - 49

Here you see the new Liberty tower as it nears completion with the Empire State Building dwarfed in the background next to the warehouse.

bonnie - 50

We had to pull over and snap a few shots when we saw this mint Ford Galaxie.

bonnie - 51

bonnie - 52

bonnie - 53

The facade of this building in the Caroll Gardens section of Brooklyn is speckled with a mosaic celebrating life.

bonnie - 54

We crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and headed to Chinatown to pick up some seafood. We did not purchase the monster above.

bonnie - 55

Another classic Ford caused us to stop in our tracks as we weaved through Little Italy.

bonnie - 56

This 1964 Ford Falcon was magnificent. And as someone who collects dice, I appreciated the accoutrements.

bonnie - 57

bonnie - 58

bonnie - 59

Then Bonnie finally brought us back home to taste our Chinatown purchase. Shrimp and fish tacos. Yummy!

2 Responses to “Spring Ride to Red Hook”

  1. OOps that’s a Falcon not a Fairlane. Still a great post and enjoyable pictures.

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