I am humbled and flattered to have inspired another two wheeled adventure. While I was checking out some links from people who have commented on my site I discovered this…

It’s a blog this guy Jesse started in January about a mission to get a bike and go! The humbling and flattering part come from his first post back in January where he states that his inspiration came from reading my blog. And coincidentally he chose to begin this adventure on my birthday. Yay! Happy Birthday to me! And all the best to Jesse!

2013 - 70

Jesse is now on day 3 of his first cross country adventure. Check in with him and wish him well!

Meanwhile, I took Jillian on our first ride out of the city this past Sunday.


We headed up to Suffern, NY to check out some old cars and scenery in the surrounding area.


In Suffern was a car show and street fair. There were some real beauties lined up on the street. Above is a 1950 Studebaker and below a mint 65 GTO.






Got a little freaky in the chrome mustang.




The event was advertised as a Vintage Car, Truck and Motorcycle show.


This 68 Honda was the only vintage bike there.



I think this Corvette is a ’56. Magnificent!









I like these new Guzzi’s.




IMG_2580 copy 2

After the show in Suffern we headed toward Bear Mountain. We rode up Seven Lakes Drive.


I have written about Seven Lakes Drive in the past. It is a pleasant, easy ride with plenty of nice spots to stop and take in the views. That goose was swimming around when we arrived at this campsite. Then he got curious and snooped all around us.

IMG_2707 copy 2

There were some people at this campsite setting up tents. We thought nothing of riding in and having a look, but when we went to leave someone had locked us in with a cable and padlock. Fortunately I was able to squeeze between some boulders. Barely. I mean I had to lift my legs and put the foot pegs up in order to get by. But I made it out and we headed back to the city.


5 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Brian Sherman Says:

    So I’m wondering if there is going to be a coast to coast for 2013?

    • Hey Brian. I don’t know if it will be coast to coast, but I hit the road yesterday. Gonna ride down Skyline to Blue Ridge tomorrow. Then who knows?

  2. Miguel Bica Says:

    Hi! I love your blog. It’s just what riding motorcycles mean to me. Fun, passion, culture, love and beauty for the bike, the ride, the company and the scenery.

    I’m from Portugal (Europe) and also have a bonnie.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.


  3. Jesse Jones Says:

    I was wondering what size/shape Airhawk you use? I am thinking about getting one for an upcoming trip and wanted to get information from someone who has really used one.

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