On the Road? Could it Be? Yes!

Well hello! It has been a while. I know, What can I say?…I’ve been busy.

As you may have seen in my last couple of posts (and you may suppose from my absence), I have been spending a lot of time with Jillian. An extended trip seemed unlikely for a variety of reasons. But in the end, both Jillian and I knew I had to ride. So I parted ways with my lovely rock n roll lady and hit the road.

instagram - 222

Maybe Jill can join us somewhere down the road apiece.

instagram - 221

In my last post I shared Jesse’s blog with you and now I share another. A guy named Trevor from Scotland shipped his bike over to the states for a three month adventure! He is well on his way, attempting to traverse the crusty remains of Route 66. Have a look and wish him well, http://ridingamericana.wordpress.com.

And so today began my trip. My trip to “who knows where?” I’ll hop on the Blue Ridge Parkway and see where that takes me.

I packed my bags, but hadn’t ridden in weeks. It’s likely the longest break from riding I’ve taken since I started riding. Once all the gear was fully packed, I went to pay my garage and check on the bike. Paid the bill and figured I’d start Bonnie up just to make sure she was ready. Turned the key and VROOOOOOM! It was time.

I ran a couple errands then back to the bike. I rode her to my apartment and parked her outside. Then I ran upstairs eager to get my gear. I loaded it all from the apartment to the elevator and into the lobby. Not an easy task. Then I went to put Bonnie directly in front of my building. I turned the key and CLICK. Noooooooooooo! Again. CLICK.

Ater some initial freaking out I went back to my garage where they had a portable machine made for just such emergencies. With the cables connected to the battery Bonnie started right up. I loaded the bike with my gear, dropped off the charger and got the hell out of a nasty urban heatwave that repulsed all senses. You can see the battery charger strapped on for it’s return to the garage in the photo below.

Summer2013 - 1

I had to move fast. The doppler showed a major storm headed east. If I didn’t get ahead of it I was going to get slammed. I headed down to Maryland on a no nonsense I95 ride to visit my brother. I used to live in Maryland too. When my parents split I moved down here with my dad and finished my last 2 1/2 years of high school at High Point High. I could ramble on about this place and the many adventures with local inhabitants, but lets keep rolling.

Summer2013 - 2

Finally as stormy weather approached I reached my brother’s house.

Summer2013 - 4

My bro was still at work, but I received a warm welcome from his dog Yellow.

Summer2013 - 3

Yellow anxiously awaits my brother’s return.

Summer2013 - 5

My brother got home and we stayed up late. My original plan was to get up and go the next day. A late start and rain in the mountains today has delayed my start and besides Bonnie needed a good washing.

Summer2013 - 6

So folks the adventure continues. I hope to share some good stories and photos along the way with my fresh, shiny ride.

2 Responses to “On the Road? Could it Be? Yes!”

  1. Brian Sherman Says:

    Great to see you back out on the road. I look forward to following along. Be safe!

  2. Glad to see you back on the road…. I’ve really enjoyed your adventures the last couple years. Good luck and let’s go! 🙂

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