Western Stars

The stars out here are magnificent! I will miss them when I am back in NYC where the skies are obscured by the city lights. The shooting stars right now are remarkable. They are frequently criss-crossing the sky like a hockey puck in a Stanley Cup Finals.  Just fantastic!

Summer2013 - 107

I have had very little time to update the posts here. I have been off the grid camping and have been lucky to keep my phone charged. So I leave you with this shot.

If you want to check out a great adventure that has been updated regularly, check out Trevor’s blog. He has the passion for adventure and the support to keep him going. Good stuff Trevor. Cheers!

3 Responses to “Western Stars”

  1. I’ve reached Sturgis and I might start suffering from the same problems of power and internet access. But I’ll try to keep it going. Hope you make it out here. I’ll be at the Chip until 9th.

    • Hey Trevor! I am afraid I am going to miss Sturgis this year. It would have been great to meet you, but circumstances force me to get back home. You may want to get to the Chip early too. Shade is limited!!! Make friends with the cook to the right of the stage. He is a nice guy from North Dakota and works the grills for the rally each year. He usually has a couple outlets available for charging. There may even be a signal there. Hopefully our paths will cross in the future. I enjoy reading your blog and checking out your photos. If you ever roll through NYC let me know! Keep up the good work. Cheers, Pat

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