All that you see in the photo above was wiped out in a single evening. It sickens me.


What once looked like this…


Now looks like this.


The 7 train once had windows filled with gawkers in awe of the spectacle below that was 5 Pointz.



The spray cap cap is all that remains of the creepy Mr. Blob mural.


The only ups around here are on the side of this truck.


How 5 Pointz looked last week.


How 5 Pointz looks today.


Every wall was once filled with spectacular artwork.


Now the building looks wounded with bandages of haphazardly applied white blotches.


It’s tragic!


There was a police presence in the courtyard as a disillusioned woman asked questions and received unsatisfactory answers.


I spoke to Meres One, an artist and organizer of 5 Pointz. He was upset but upbeat. He said he had been contacted by numerous people with buildings in multiple boroughs offering new canvases for the street artists. Meres also said the battle with Jerry Wolkoff (the man responsible for this vile act) is not over.


Across the street there are a few walls not owned by Wolkoff where the artists continue to express themselves, but when you turn around the whitewashed 5 Pointz is blinding. It is truly sad.

Here is a video from YouTube of Meres One and his crew putting up a final farewell piece the other day.

6 Responses to “5 POINTZ GONE”

  1. Actually you have photographed a different collective called ADYINGBREEDNYC who were doing their thing across the street from 5 Pointz.

    I think it’s high-noon between them and Meres One. Found this on flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/theeerin/10997353866/

    • Thanks for the info. I did include them as well, however did not know there was tension between them and Meres One’s crew. But of course there is. It the nature of the game. Yes, this group is still doing work at the back end of Davis Street (North side), but without the draw that 5 Pointz brought to that hood I feel very few people will continue to visit Davis Street in the future.

      • Oh yes i see now that you did include them. Sorry i have such trouble reading things on my phone sometimes. Thanks for all of your photos and narratives.

  2. Would have been awesome to see

  3. Jesse McKay Says:

    This is a major loss of some amazing art. It was great how you were able to make a few different trips there to document it and tell the story though.

  4. I guess some people just don’t appreciate fine art even when it doesn’t cost them a thing….

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