Happy 6th Anniversary Bonnie

On April 5th, 2008 I got my first bike. A 2007 Triumph Bonneville. I nervously rode her from the showroom back to my place. I had only ridden a 250cc Suzuki in a Bronx parking lot before that day. We made it home safely and I was hooked. This is Bonnie the day I brought her home.triumph30th

I started this blog after my first cross country trip on that 07 Bonnie in 2008. Sadly that bike was stolen on Labor Day the following year. The guy who stole it wrecked it that same night and was arrested while lying in his hospital bed. The bike was declared totaled and I quickly settled the insurance and got on the road again with the ’09 Triumph Bonneville T100 that I presently ride. Since that day 6 years ago, I’ve ridden over 75,000 miles. Below is a map of my journeys to date.


It was a long brutal winter. As soon as one snow thawed another quickly replaced it. It was the longest period of time in these past 6 years when there were no windows of pleasant riding weather. I took this shot from the elevated subway in Queens on one of the many non-riding days.


Despite the fact that sunny turned to cloudy and it was 10 degrees cooler than originally predicted, I went for a ride to celebrate my 6th year on 2 wheels. I figured it was warm enough. I packed an extra fleece and a scarf just in case. Good thing. In no time I was getting cold. Real cold. So I stopped for some coffee and a light breakfast at Burger De Luxe on Route 17 in New Jersey. Then I bundled up with the extra layers and continued the journey.


This would also be the debut of my new helmet. It’s a Biltwell Bonanza helmet with a mirror bubble shield. There are no vents in the helmet but a lot of air gets through. The shield is good day or night. It’s reflective but not too dark. So, after one healthy ride I have to say I like this helmet.


My first destination was New City Road. I had read about a ghost town there. Unfortunately what I had read was old news. This town had been razed and sealed off. Nothing to see here but these cement blockades.


Fortunately my plan didn’t end there. I headed north back across the NY border.


The lake beyond is still frozen over just past the shore.




The next stop was a place called Letchworth Village.


Letchworth Village was an old institution for people with disabilities.


It was built in 1911 and after a sordid history finally closed in 1996.


Letchworth had reports of rampant abuse of it’s residents. This was the case in many of these types of institutions throughout the United States until only a few decades ago.


These grand stone structures have fallen into disrepair.




The ground in this basement was solid ice.







There are many buildings on the Letchworth grounds.


I first heard about Letchworth Village on the TV show Ghost Adventures. I think they were exploring this building in photo below. I experienced no paranormal activity during my visit.















From Letchworth I hopped on the Palisades Parkway and headed back to the city. It felt good to be on the road again but it is still a bit cold to stay out here all day.


4 Responses to “Happy 6th Anniversary Bonnie”

  1. Judith Bendewald Says:

    Patrick, I love following your blogs – you find the most interesting places. Is Letchworth Village on Long Island? I think my college friend’s father used to be a Chaplain there in the 1960’s.

  2. The drawing on the wall at Letchworth is fantastic, the photo is a work of art in itself. You take great pictures , and I think that is the best of your photos. Really nice.

    • Thank you Felix. I’d like to return with a good flashlight. There were many basement rooms that I could not photograph. Cheers!

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