Spring Break 2014

I got a week off of work and headed to Maryland.

It’s April 15 – Happy tax day!

I just racked my brain with TurboTax and sent it off electronically. Now I can enjoy the rest of this rainy day. Definitely not a riding day, but it gives me time to share my journey thus far.

I packed my bags, ready for any scenario. I wasn’t sure where I would end up. I figured I would head down to Maryland to visit family then take it from there.


Due to a late start, I was forced to make my trek toward Maryland via I-95. As much as I hate the interstate, I wanted to get to my dad’s before dark. As I flew along the Jersey Turnpike, I noticed a guy entering from a rest area on a Speed Triple Triumph. I realized my Triumph riding brother had noticed me as well as he joyfully pulled along side and waved. We zipped through traffic taking turns in the lead position until I had to stop for gas. He followed me to the rest stop. Meet Matt. He was headed down to Baltimore. He rides this Speed Triple and also has a decked out Bonnie at home. He is from Albania and spoke of the joys of riding around in Eastern Europe. He was saying he had a Harley over in Albania. I mentioned my desire to ride around Europe. He recommended buying a Harley and shipping it over. They are so desirable that you can’t go wrong. It can almost certainly be sold for a profit when you are done with it. Europeans love Harleys!


Matt is also a member of the NYC Triumph and Brit Bike Riders. I have heard of this group. He said it is fun to get together and ride around the tristate area. I may have to check that out, but I generally like to ride solo.


I made it down to dad’s. In the morning we had brunch with my brother and his wife at the place where my bro works. That’s him on the left.


After brunch I took off for some reminiscing. That red circle marks the spot where I lived for 3 fun filled years during my college days.  My god did I have a good time up there!


I went looking unsuccessfully for my old friend Brian. I dropped a note on a door that I deduced was his. Then I went down the road to a place called Savage Mill. Approaching Savage Mill is an old truss bridge built in 1868. It is now the only bridge left of it’s kind.

April201405 April201406

The train tracks from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad then turn and lead to Savage Mill. It is a part decrepit and part renovated cotton mill that dates back to the 1800’s like the bridge.


I of course was focused on the part of the mill that is beyond renovation.


It began as a mill powered by the dammed up section of the Little Patuxent River and later was powered by steam generators which still lay rusting away.

April201409 April201410

It turned out that the note I left earlier was on the correct door and I’ll hang with Brian tonight.



The following day I headed to D.C. After taking journeys all over this nation it seems fitting that I should visit the nations capitol.


The bubble shield on my new helmet has multi purposes.


Below is one of the recent monuments on the mall in D.C. This is the WWII memorial. One side is dedicated to the veterans that crossed the Atlantic and the other side commemorates those brave souls in the Pacific. It is still unfinished.


From there I walked to the Lincoln Memorial. It was so crowded you would think Forrest Gump or some other memorable character was giving a speech there.


Despite the crowds it is an awe inspiring site.



This is how it looks from the top of the stairs facing the Washington Monument.


The Korean War Memorial is another relatively new addition to the mall.


Next I went to visit the new kid in town. On the way to the Jefferson Memorial is the new Martin Luther King memorial.

April201421 April201422

The cherry blossoms that surround the area had peaked on Thursday. By Monday many of the trees had already released their petals to blanket the grounds in a speckled carpet of pink and white.


From Dr.King’s I moved with the masses to see T.J.

April201424 April201425

Afterward I wasn’t surprised to see Thomas Jefferson’s greatest accomplishment resting with the rubbish along side this fence. It seems the Constitution is treated with even less respect these days. Even Rolling stone magazine got it wrong when they recently had Julia Louise Dreyfus sporting a Constitution tattooed to her backside signed by John Hanncock. C’mon! Really?



This young man was having a blast trying to get his homemade kite airborne. It really was an impressive piece of work made entirely from newspaper draped around a 2 foot ring. Good job kid!


I stopped by the White House before returning to the bike. That is one big front yard! There are members of the Secret Service all over the place. You used to be able to drive right up to this fence. Since 9/11 many of the former access roads around DC buildings are off limits.

April201428 April201429

Even as a child I admired this sculpture in front of the American History Museum. Though it doesn’t move, it has that kinesthetic feel.


I hopped back on Bonnie and said farewell to the Capitol. Later D.C.

April201431 April201432

On Capitol Hill I passed this old beauty of an Oldsmobile parked 8th Street.


Down the block was this home turned shrine to Michael Jackson.


And finally before heading back to dad’s I stopped by my last residence in college. As much as I loved living in that big dormitory I showed you before, they didn’t like having me. I was kindly asked to leave. OK maybe forced to leave is a more accurate term. What can I say, “There’s a whole lot of things that I ain’t done, but I never had too much fun!”


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