On the Road Again 2014

It was another approach to Summer with the big question pending…Will I do it again? The answer has come with a resounding “Hell Yeah!”

This year I had someone with me to see me off. Jillian was there to support me which was a good way to start this year’s journey.


I had planned on leaving a day sooner, but it was nice to spend some pleasant time with my lady before taking off. Poor Jillian is at home nursing a broken ankle.


So I hopped on the dreaded Interstate to make up for lost time. Then BOOM, I ran into a storm.


The storm didn’t last too long and left with a rainbow. You can barely make it out just above the truck passing.


I rode until it started getting dark. I pulled off in Somerset, PA, a town close to where Flight 93 went down on 9/11.


I pitched the tent in the dark at Laurel Hill State Park and enjoyed my first night in a thick forest.


The canopy was so thick above that the full moon (actually called the Supermoon this month) was unable to penetrate with it’s bright reflected light. The creatures of the night were out. Besides this little fella below, I was visited by a skunk and a couple of nosey raccoons. I couldn’t get my camera quick enough for those visits. The snail was about my pace this evening.


I rolled through the Amish country of Ohio on my way to my destination.


The destination for this weekend would be the AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days. Oh boy! More to come!


8 Responses to “On the Road Again 2014”

  1. Jakey Ocho Says:

    Nice kickoff to the blog. Was the snail pic taken at night?

  2. safe travels Pat, bring some of that Jerky back with you 🙂

  3. Next time, please stop here! Somerset is only 45 min away

  4. Pat Barnes Says:

    Glad you are back on the road. I’ll tour vicariously until I get things straight here. Sent an email about things.

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