AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

When I arrived at the bike show I scoped out the camping area to find a place with morning shade. There was this spot on the only edge of the tree front that blocked the eastern sunrise.

I asked if the spot was available and got the response, “Not if you don’t mind a lot of noise”, as a guy pointed to a cannon. Perfect! That was Tom who called out. He is seated to the left in the photo below. He was with his son Shawn and a bunch of guys from upstate New York. They offered me a beer and slapped a pork chop on the grill for me. I don’t think I could have picked a better spot.


Another guy Brad built the cool chopper below from scraps and the bike in front of it was salvaged from a collapsed warehouse.


The bike show itself is multi-faceted. There is motorcycle track racing.


There is dirt track racing.


There is a huge swap meet area with endless rows of vendors where you can buy most anything from a vintage bike to hard to find parts.






This guy’s bike needed a bit of CPR before being resuscitated for the dirt track.


Here’s a nice old bobbed out Bonnie.

123 125





You gotta love a dog in a sidecar.


The AMA had an Indian theme going for this years event.




There was a group of bikes with custom fairing to compete for the best gas mileage.





This old police Honda was for sale.


Check out the custom fairing on this machine.



I saw this same Wall of Death at the Broken Spoke campsite in Sturgis but didn’t watch the show. Now I had the opportunity.


The guy below is riding side saddle with no hands.


It’s too bad the brim of the guy’s hat in front of me got in the shot.


Here we have two riders on the wall. One is on a go cart and the guy on the motorcycle is 67 years old. Amazing!

134 135

In the evening some of the kids started drag racing small bikes in the campsite. Well as it turns out the most fun loving kids in the place were the old kids from upstate New York. They quickly got in on the action. Brad joined in with this vintage machine. A number of the fellas had colorful nicknames. They call Brad Mr. Roboto.


And here is Angry Nuts (Roger) ready for a quick start.


Mr. Roboto and son go head to head.


That’s Paul on the right shouting some encouragement. He’s the biggest kid of ’em all. And that’s his son Greg on the left looking like a young Steve McQueen.


Greg, Angry Nuts and Paul line it up.


This kid hopped on Brad’s machine for a free ride. The guy in sprinting position actually held the lead for a decent portion of this race.



Twister joined Angry nuts in the competition.


And here we have Twister, Angry Nuts, Paul and Greg going at it.


Paul joined the only ladies in a race to the disappointed moans and groans of the onlookers. It was also the only race where he finished first.


His expression sums up the great time everyone was having at this event.


Brad brought his old rusty chopper in for some of the fun.



Throughout the night there were people up to their own kind of mischief. Here some folks were doing burnouts on planks of wood.


Some cops showed up to try to quell things down. It only seemed to excite the crowd even more. The New York guys would go on stealth missions to fire off their cannon. That was making the cops nuts. They were looking for the source of the BOOM all night.


The full moon added to the evening’s ambiance.


Sadly everyone knew the night had to end because a big storm was expected in the morning. We all got up just after dawn and started packing it up and I bid farewell to my new friends from upstate and headed west for a nearly 500 mile day.


7 Responses to “AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days”

  1. Roger Appleton (angry) Says:

    Hey Pat that is a good photo array of us at mid Ohio , thanks


    • Hey Roger, you are quite welcome. I had a great time out there! I posted a bunch so you guys could have them. Let Brad know they are there too. I know he wanted some shots. When I have the time I’ll send you some vids.

  2. Hey Pat! Great pics, great commentary, and a great time at Mid Ohio! Best wishes on your trip, and hope to see you next year!

  3. kyle cattarin Says:

    I randomly stumbled across these pictures. My mom and best friend are two girls lined up to race and i am the kid who is sitting on the front of that cart bike thing. this is awesome.

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