Brooks was here…so was Pat

I took a short break from all the fun at the bike show and headed north to Mansfield, Ohio.


Destination Shawshank Prison!


Although Steven King’s story is set in a prison located in Maine, the place where they filmed Shawshank Redemption was a short 10 miles north of the Mid-Ohio Speedway. It is the old Ohio State Reformatory.


The place closed at 4:00. When I arrived it was after 4:00 and the electric gate was shut. However, as I sat there in disbelief a car was exiting. So I rode on in before the gate closed again. I quickly parked the bike and went inside not stopping for anything. So as Andy Dufresne was busy breaking out of Shawshank, I was breaking in.


The place is huge. There are endless hallways and rooms besides the many tiered rows of inmates quarters.



This cell room was made up to have that lived in look.


Most of the cells look like this.



A number of the scenes in the movie were also filmed in a large warehouse made to look like a prison interior, but most of the scenes were filmed on site here at the old reformatory.


Here is the yard often displayed in the movie. The brick buildings that once occupied the land behind the yard are gone. It is now a new prison and photos are prohibited in that direction.




The hotel room where Brooks spent his last days is actually a room in the reformatory.


I was lucky to have seen this room. I had somehow passed it by during my journey through the massive labyrinth of passages. But being the last person in this place, I was found by the guy who goes around to look for anyone left in the building. Fortunately he was a nice guy and when I asked him if he knew where that hotel was where Brook went, he told me the room was here in the building. When I expressed how much I would like to see it he took me up a back staircase so I cold check it out. Someone took the original sign that Brooks and Red had carved into, but it was replaced by the one in the photo below. After Shawshank it was back to the bike show.





6 Responses to “Brooks was here…so was Pat”

  1. Never knew this existed before you told us- definitely on my “to do” list next year at Mid Ohio. Thanx for sharing!

  2. Thierry Says:

    Only you could break into Shawshank… 😉 Great visit, thank you, and that last room was a thrill…

  3. Jakey Ocho Says:

    Fucking amazing….salvation layeth within

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