From Ohio to Nebraska

So I split early in the morning from the bike show to beat the storm. My planned route to the southwest quickly turned to the northwest to get above the pending rainfall. I did just that. Eventually the skies cleared and I rode almost 500 miles before calling it a night.

First through Indiana.


The Illinios River in the background.


This water tower has been continuously used by the town of Havana, Illinios since 1889 when it was first constructed.


That hill you see behind Bonnie is actually Rockwell Mound an old Indian mound also in Havana.



An old service station in Carthage, Illinios where I finally stopped after an almost 600 mile day of riding.



In Carthage I was looking for an old jail I saw marked on the map. I stopped to take a photo of this old drug store sign (below) while riding through the town square. After I took the photo I was fiddling about on my phone when I noticed an elderly gentleman in the window watching me. I waved, he waved back. I smiled and went inside. I figured I’d ask him where the jail was. When I did he asked “The Mormon jail?” I said I guess so. He said it was a couple blocks down the road. His name was Bob McHugh and he told me a bit about the sign and the pharmacy. He said that sign had been there since 1937 when his dad opened the place. There used to be a soda fountain there and if you didn’t find a parking spot by 5:30 you were out of luck. Then Bob went to war. When he came back the fountain was gone and it was just the pharmacy. He has been working there since.


I ended up riding right past the jail and back around to the square. I stopped and asked this fella in a wheelchair if he knew where the jail was. He asked, “You mean the Mormon jail?” I said I guess.

Well the map didn’t mention this old jail was Mormon affiliated. It turns out this is a sacred place to them. It is the place where their prophet Joseph Smith was killed or as they said martyred. He was shot 4 times and fell out of that top left window in the house behind his sculpture.


Now, if you have never been to a Mormon site, you have to be aware. There is generally some Mormon preaching involved. There is usually a movie too. I have always said no thank you to the movie. It is still interesting history. The guy in the photo was the guide.


The jail cell on the second floor. The walls are 3 feet thick and only have two slits for ventilation. So the story goes that Joseph Smith and another follower of his were arrested for treason and taken to this prison. In the Mormon faith, Joseph Smith is the guy who translated these golden tablets given to him by some Indian spirit or something like that. Joseph Smith translated these tablets and so began the Mormons. Anyway while he was locked up here an angry mob stormed the place and killed him.


I rode through a couple old historic towns along the Deluth River.



This house had a sign on the side welcoming some ghost hunter. I guess the place is haunted.



I camped in Waubonsie State Park.


Then across the Missouri River and into Nebraska.


Over my shoulder is a crop dusting plane about to swoop around and make a dive to my right. That looks like a fun job!


This was route 2, it runs along the the BNSF railroad line which transports coal in mile long trains which pass in either direction all day.


Then the day turned sour.

I stopped for gas and I put the auto click thing on. Duh! Bad move. It didn’t click off. Gas went spraying. I caught it quickly but damage was done.. My tank bag got it and wreaked of gasoline. Broken Bow Nevada, your gas pump is broken.

I continued down the road and saw a digital clock on a bank. It said Wednesday, July 15. What? I had made a reservation in Yellowstone for Thursday night! I can’t get there in a day! Panic! When I stopped for gas again I checked my calendar. It was Tuesday, July 15. Hey Broken Bow, your digital clock is broken.

Again I continued down the road. Oooooowwwww! A bee stung me on my inner thigh. It felt like it was still pumping. Damn that was a strong sting. I’ve been stung before while riding. It freaks me out that they are able to react at 70 mile per hour to get that stinger in you.

Continuing down the road once again and SMACK! When I saw the bird on the side of the road he didn’t look depressed. But for some reason as I was riding by he flew right into my headlight. WTF!


When that poor bird hit the headlight, greenish yellow guts splattered all over my face mask. It was disgusting! After that I was beat and I got a real shitty hotel room.


This day turned shitty quickly and stayed that way. Well, there is always tomorrow. Before going to bed I checked the weather. Things aren’t looking good. I can expect to spend a good portion of the next day plowing through some large storms and temperatures in the low 60’s. So much for tomorrow.


9 Responses to “From Ohio to Nebraska”

  1. giaregan Says:

    Broken Bow, your birds are suicidal.

  2. Jesse McKay Says:

    Looks like youre off to a great start! The reflection pictures in your biltwell bubble sheild are great.

    • Thanks Jesse. I thought of you the other day as I held the camera low showing the front wheel while riding with a couple guys in Wyoming. That’s the Jesse shot!

  3. Brian Sherman Says:

    Havent been able to do this myself (yet) but still love to follow along!! Keep it coming. I did ride my Bonnie T100 to work today, 75 and sunny in Wilmington DE!!

  4. Chris Peregrin Says:

    I’m not sure if/how you’ll receive this note, but wanted you to know that I got my first T100 last April, found your blog in May, and in June, began my first ride “across,” completely and unequivocally inspired and informed by you.

    Like, really — figured out what supplies I’d need, a route (roughly) and all the rest of it. (Didn’t do a blog but recorded much of it on Facebook.)

    Anyway, don’t think I ever shot you a note, so wanted to.

    Sorry the day was rough — I feel you. But I hope you know that your posts are like lifeblood, so thanks for sharing!

    Christopher Peregrin

  5. Jakey Ocho Says:

    Gas spray and bee stings and suicidal birds? Sounds like the stooges song “no fun”

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