After fueling up south of Independence Rock, I said later to Karl and Quinton and headed Northeast toward Yellowstone. It was further than I realized as are most places out west.


When I arrived in Yellowstone the sun was going down. When the sun drops in Yellowstone, it gets cold. Real cold. I set up my tent in the dark. I wasn’t real pleased with my site. It was very much in the open. I like some trees to surround my site. But in Yellowstone I didn’t plan on spending much time in the campsite.


Yellowstone Falls.


There is a lot of wildlife in Yellowstone but pelicans came unexpected to me.


Here an elk sat basking in the sun.


The upper part of Yellowstone Falls.



Many bison warm themselves by the various geysers about the park.


I was taking photos of three bison and was nearly one of those idiots you see on YouTube. One of the three had wandered off and I lost track of him as I photographed the other two. I had my earplugs in from riding and did not notice the third bull had returned. Fortunately I did hear someone in the parking lot yell “Look out!” I turned to see this huge beast charging at me! I ran like mad and escaped his wrath, but it was a close call!





Yellowstone is a beautiful place. This pool is deep and clear. It looks so welcoming, but it would boil you into a nice soup if you took a dip.






This geyser makes sounds like a breathing dragon.


I was watching this osprey fly around above. Then I noticed him diving. I was pretty far off, but I was able to capture this shot of the osprey defending his territory against an unsuspecting raven.


I saw more bison in Yellowstone this time than in all my previous visits.


I started to get concerned about my rear tire. When I went for gas I noticed it was completely bald on one side. Also, it was Friday. I knew most bike shops are closed on Sunday and Monday. I needed a tire Saturday. I am not sure it would have lasted another two days of endless riding. I had planned on traveling north into Montana after Yellowstone. I called all the bike shops in Bozeman and no one had my tire size. This had happened on a previous journey when no one in Missoula had my size. One of the Bozeman shops recommended I try Idaho City. No luck! Finally a shop in Idaho City recommended this place in Rexburg, Idaho. They told me they had a Michelin that would fit. So long as they could reuse my inner tube, I was set.


So instead of spending my day on Saturday exploring more of Yellowstone, I had to get up early and head to Rexburg. I had a chance to visit Old Faithful at a good time of day, because the sun was at the right angle in the sky to produce this cool rainbow.


I made it to Rexburg to see this huge bike and motosports shop. The people here were great. I talked for a while with an employee named Eugene and then one of the co-owners Jared. Jared is Mormon or LDS as they say. That stands for Latter Day Saints. He told me Rexburg is one of the most populated LDS towns in the country at 98%. In the photo below you can see the temple in the background to the right of the shop.


I unloaded Bonnie and left her in the hands of the people here in Rexburg. Besides a new rear tire I need my chained tightened up too.


It’s always strange to see someone else on my bike. Here is Jared taking her in for service.


This shop had a huge stock of bikes and accessories.


They took her in and got right to work.


With a new rear tire I could confidently continue my journey. This is a great place for your motorcycle needs. I highly recommend them if you are in the area.


As a result of having to go south to Idaho for repairs, I changed my planned route. I would head west from here.


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