I got a room in Carson City for a decent price. When I pulled in to the motel parking lot I immediately noticed a few primo vintage vehicles. I didn’t even stop to look at my room first. I went straight for the cars.


There were some folks sitting on folding chairs near these beauties. I asked them if there was a show in town. One of the gentlemen said, ” Well today was the big day, some may show up tomorrow, but we won’t.” Alrighty then.



I have been having way to many Subway sandwiches for dinner. It’s hard to eat well when you are on the go go go! Tonight I would opt for the $7.95 dinner special at the Nugget.


Inside the Nugget. Yes it is! The Batmobile!



And how cool is the batphone? State of the art badass!



I parked in front of Cactus Jack’s across the street from the Nugget in Carson City.


In the morning I went to that place where those fellas from the motel parking lot were the day before. The car show took place in a tree filled park just a few miles from the motel.


The park was filled with these gorgeous vehicles all in primo condition.




What an unexpected treat to be here for this show. The cars were immaculate and the setting perfectly appropriate.





This golden rusty beauty was headed out and calling it a day. Beyond notice that Shelby Cobra and a Porshe like the one James Dean took his last ride in.







As I pulled out of the park and on to the local highway, in the other direction came those fellas from the motel parking lot who would not be coming to the show today. Alrighty then!

To the Northeast of Carson City is a series of 3 old mining towns. There is Silver City followed by Gold Hill and then the very popular Virginia City.


I drove past Silver City. It seems to be very active still. At Gold Hill was this fine looking old building. It was once the Post Office.


This building was behind the post office. It looks like a giant vault of sorts.



Then I rode into Virginia City. To the left in this photo is the Old Washoe Club. I have to admit I am a sucker for those ghost shows on TV. This was one of the locations visited by Ghost Adventures.


This is the Fourth Ward School from 1876.






I hung out about the town for a while. It’s a very touristy type of place, but it is a legitimate old mining town.





Even in Virginia City there were the old vintage beauties. That’s a ’63 split window Corvette.


And as I headed east more vintage hot rods passed me by. I saw a local paper at a gas station. Apparently there were numerous hot rod shows in Reno and throughout the area this weekend.


Next I would visit my most dreaded place…the Interstate. There are only 3 major arteries one can take to go east across Nevada. I had taken the other two, so here we go across I80. Having no fairing on my bike makes Interstate travel very difficult in the hot western states. Plus I hate it. The speed limit is 75, but no one does that. So it’s 75 plus mph driving in seriously hot, windy conditions. It takes a physical toll and after a while is emotionally draining.


As if the pains of the Interstate weren’t enough, while trying to adjust my swampy butt on the seat, I lifted myself up and BAM!!! My foot peg broke off and my foot hit the pavement at 75 plus mph!!! Imagine that! I was completely freaked out and wasn’t sure what happened at first. You know you do that initial inventory thing. What happened? Am I hurt? Is my foot even there? Did I run something over? Nothing makes sense for the first few seconds. Then.. Shit! I pulled over and walked back for the peg. Snapped right off! And this is not the first time this has happened. It happened in New Mexico a few years ago but then I was hardly moving. I was in a parking lot. I love my Bonnie but this is a serious flaw. Bad things could happen. As a rider you need to have the confidence that you can put your full weight on your pegs. After talking to Jim earlier I am going to have them welded to the frame.


Having a foot peg snap off before gave me the sense to carry an extra long bolt with some nuts in my tool kit to use for just this scenario. Afterward, while at a gas station this guy approached me. His name is Jim Fox. He used to race bikes. He told me he had won some national races in the 70’s and early 80’s. He rode with me to a nearby hardware store to get some additional pieces to reinforce my newly rigged peg. Notice his boots. He said he used to race in all red white and blue leathers. Then he slapped his belly and said, “Can’t wear those anymore.”

He was going to be headed up to Sturgis in a few days. He’s been going for twenty five plus years. He spoke of ways of doing it cheap including showering at the community center and camping outside of town. Jim says he prefers riding at night. I can’t imagine.  He also spoke highly of a guy with a bike shop in Cali. So if you are in the area, Jim says Joe England is a wizard.


I hopped off an exit once in a while for gas and a beverage. Sometimes an old building would strike me.


Then I rode out to a state park outside of Elko, NV. This shot is from the morning because it was dark by the time I arrived. I hate arriving to set up camp after dark. Plus riding on desolate roads at night makes me uncomfortable.


In the morning I headed for Utah. As I flew along those roads (I was blind to the night before), two male proghorns or antelope flew across the road no more than 30 feet in front of me. They were at full sprint. And they are a lot bigger at this vantage point than they look when you see them grazing in a field from your periphery. It’s just a matter of timing with these things. Pure chance. There are no evasive maneuvers one can pull off if they are charging. In Texas a few years ago I had deer charge me like that. But not 30 feet ahead, they were headed right for me. I missed the first by inches as he passed before me and the second leaped over me. The third cleared. LUCK! That’s it! Fortunately I’m a lucky man!

4 Responses to “Nevada”

  1. Jakey Ocho Says:

    How do u ride with no footpeg? Hold leg in air next to bike? Be safe patreeq.

  2. Pat Barnes Says:

    I’ll check my footpegs CAREFULLY!!! Is this problem year-specific or model-specific.

    • Hey Patrick. I am not sure about year specific but it is a serious issue. Problem is I don’t know how you would check em. They just snap right off. It’s a bolt that is welded to the peg itself. I seriously think I will have them welded directly to the frame. It sucks to be afraid to put any weight on them.

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