Let the Season Begin

Bushwick Open Studios

Man it was a brutal winter and a slow start for my Spring riding season. I haven’t ridden out of NYC since 2014 and the riding itch needs scratching! This weekend however I did maneuver my way through some hairy Brooklyn roads to attend a couple events. Throughout the weekend in this city was the Governor’s Ball Concert, The Belmont Stakes (where American Pharoah won the Triple Crown), The Bushwick Open Studios art event and the Gateway to Nations Pow Wow at Floyd Bennett Field. I attended the latter two. A late start Saturday brought me and Jillian to Bushwick to check out this art scene. I must say I liked this area of Bushwick. It reminded me of the Greenwich Village-Soho area in the 70’s. Besides the attraction of the art event, Bushwick seems like a cool spot to hang out or live. It is dotted with hip cafes and bars covered in quality aerosol masterpieces. I parked Bonnie in front of Forrest Point where we were hoping to see the work of a photographer that Jillian is going to shoot with, but he neglected to send his work before the event. So we hoofed it down Morgan Avenue and did some studio hopping. The scene on the street was as eventful as the studios themselves with performances by musicians and artists alike. June08_08


This work by Hartmut Stockter was one of my favorite pieces. They say plants like music, but have you ever stopped to listen to the plant?June08_02

This artist builds deep frames with multiple layers of painted glass creating crazy depth perception.


Before seeing this painting we saw a large mural by the same artist, Don Pablo Pedro on a building off Flushing Avenue. The public art in Bushwick stands alone as a reason to visit this neighborhood.


After repeated attempts, one step into the double dutch was all this brother could muster. June08_12



This 1965 Karmann Ghia was mint! June08_14





A couple ramps provided some half pipe entertainment.




I will definitely return to this event next year with greater planning and an earlier start. We found out after the fact that one of our favorite bands, Daddy Long Legs played earlier in the day after returning from a short European tour. Grrrrr! Missed it!


We couldn’t stay in Bushwick through the evening because we got great tickets to a Yankee game from a friend of my mom’s. So we rode back home, caught the end of the Belmont Stakes and hopped a train to Yankee Stadium to watch the Yanks whoop the Angels.



Pow Wow @ Floyd Bennett Field

Sunday began much like Saturday with a late start. I think we missed the traditional dancing category as a result of our tardiness. But the pow wow is always an exciting and culturally rich environment with dancing throughout the day and vendors all around. June08_30





IMG_0028 jhhcopy










My friend Cliff (the photographer below) who I met in Montana on one of my coast to coast adventures organizes this amazing event each year.     June08_49
Jillian ran into her friend Amy at the pow wow as well.   June08_52





The hoop dancers formed these hoops into everything from flying eagles to Mickey Mouse.


If you have never been to a pow wow before…GO! The Redhawk Council sponsors a few pow wows in the NYC area. There will be another in early August and then I hope to return for the pow wow at FDR Park this September. There is yet another in October.



2 Responses to “Let the Season Begin”

  1. Patrick Barnes Says:

    Glad to see the three of you together again.

  2. Doug Mosby Says:

    Glad your back in the saddle and it appears Jillian is a keeper 🙂
    If you make your way across county you better stop in STL – every year you fly by without a single ‘kiss my ass’ or high-5. Sold the harley and living bike-less this spring. My youngest graduated UM with a BS in Education and has pledged her life to poverty but pure satisfaction; I applaud both of you. Safe travels and keep the pics coming. Lt. Doug

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