Doug Danger and the Evel Knievel Stunt Show

There will be plenty of Sturgis stuff to post in the coming days, but today Doug Danger would attempt to do a jump that Evel Knievel had tried with disastrous results.

I was raised on Evel Knievel so I was psyched to see this event!

Here is a promo video they played before the jump.

When I first saw this new path at the Buffalo Chip I thought they were just making improvements. Turns out it’s the lead in to the jump ramp.


After a little Chip style hype it was time for Doug Danger to take the stage.


He came out on Evel’s bike wearing Vanson leathers in Evel Knievel’s style outfit.


Evel was in his 30’s when he tried it. Doug Danger is attempting this feat at 53 years of age. The same jump was attempted by Bubba Blackwell a few years back. He also crashed.


Here the guy who owns the $350,000 motorcycle gives Doug a final thumbs up as he burns through the amphitheatre for a practice pass.


Doug takes a last look from the ramp before his final attempt at glory.


And here he comes at 80 mph approaching the ramp.


And he’s up!




And Away!


You may see many crazy jumps these days in Red Bull competitions and such, but this jump was being done on Evel Knievel’s 1972 Harley Davidson XR-750. That’s a heavy machine!


I wasn’t expecting him to get such height. It was incredible!


As he descends one wonders…Will he make it? The excitement was insane!


Looking good!


He cleared it!


And he nailed the landing! Incredible!


He made it look easy. Smooth! The crowd went nuts!


Doug then road back up the ramp where he just landed to bask in the crowd’s adulation!


And his crew joins him in the celebration.


He then cracked a brew and gave his thanks to all. After many a tumble and conquering stage 4 cancer Doug Danger beat the record that Evel Knievel attempted on the  same bike over 40 years ago.


Here is a YouTube video of the jump.

2 Responses to “Doug Danger and the Evel Knievel Stunt Show”

  1. Could not believe that they did a jump with a heavy bike like Harley Davidson XR-750

  2. I think the bonneville could have made that jump! Hope the ride is going well.

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