So, I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news is…
My Darren McKeag poster and T-shirt have finally arrived. I spoke of McKeag’s work when I went to the Indian Larry Block Party in a previous post.


The bad news is…

I was hit by a truck.

Short story is…

I’m OK.

Bonnie displays the manners of a NYC dog as she takes a leak on the lamp post.


The bike has been in the shop for over a month. Between insurance BS and waiting for parts, it has been an extremely long wait! Apparently Triumph shipped the wrong part and we are still waiting for it’s return.

2016 is off to a rough start. Gotta keep calm and carry on.

And if you enjoy clichés, amazingly when I was clipped by that truck l did Keep the rubber side down!



7 Responses to “So, I have some good news and some bad news.”

  1. Pat Barnes Says:

    Sorry I missed the post. Glad you are still in “original condition” physically. The local shop where I take Bonnie told me that sometimes Triumph parts are tough to get. Occasionally, though, they amaze me. I needed new brake pads on the rear and decided to do both front/rear. They had the pads in stock and it took about an hour to change them! I’ll pay closer attention to the blog. Been doing a bit of riding but the heat/humidity is brutal around here. Not enough to keep me off Bonnie but slows me down. Ride safe, lad!!
    I’m up to 27,000. She ahd 12,200 when I got her in June ’14.

  2. Only hurt that my bike is STILL in the shop! Thanks for asking.

  3. Just caught up on your adventure here, your a lucky man! Get her back on the road soon, hope to follow another cross country trip!!

  4. Is there a 2016 T120 in your future?

    • Hey Terry! I am considering the T120 in the future, but for now I will ride my T100 a bit further. There was talk of my bike being scrapped, but we are going to save her and maybe break that 100,000 mark.

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