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Happy Memorial Day!

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Memorial Day weekend isn’t the greatest time for riding around the Tri-State area, so I’m not riding in it. But last weekend I did attend the Split’n Lanes DodginGutters Motorcycle Show at Brooklyn Bowl.


This year’s show was a little different from years past. The show only allowed the proven rough and ready bikes. All the motorcycles displayed would be racers.


Unfortunately as you can see below, there didn’t seem to be enough racers to fill Brooklyn Bowl’s floor.


The bikes displayed were beautiful beasts, there just weren’t too many of them.


Fat bikes of the track were intermingled with hill climbers and a couple sidecar racers.


It was mentioned that projected bad weather caused a number of bikes to pull out of the show.


This is a ’61 Triumph TR5 painted by Von Dutch!



As I was shooting this bike, I saw these flares in the photo. I realized I had the wrong settings on my camera nearly the whole time I was there. Oops!




Outside, many vintage and new machines lined Wythe Avenue. I actually saw this couple today (a week later), but they were making a turn and I couldn’t get my camera out fast enough.


This old Tiger was parked next to a Bonnie that looked just like mine.





Inside and out was very Triumph and Indian heavy.



A cool dude let Jillian ham it up a bit inside the Bat Outta Hell. It’s an old RatRod pick up truck with a Yamaha strapped on back. The owner said it was named after a WW II plane.


This Williamsburg apartment number had an interesting configuration, as did the shape of the leaves outside the door.


First time I’ve seen the boot used on a bike, or a scooter for that matter.


I’ve just finished the last of 3 classes I was taking. There hasn’t been much time for fun. I’m looking forward to some good rides ahead.

Over 7 weeks in the shop!

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It’s hard to believe that it took so long to get my bike back on the road after being in an accident. I am happy to put the whole incident behind me and blessed to be uninjured physically. The guys at the shop had some difficulties with getting the proper parts from Triumph. The wrong parts were sent on numerous occasions and to tell the truth the work is still not done, but the bike is ridable. There was a time that I thought insurance would declare the bike totaled and I would be on a new T120 by now. But they saved my dear Bonnie and the guys at Cycle Therapy cleaned her to the point where she looks like a new bike. I appreciate that because she was filthy from my oil leak in Minnesota last summer and the many miles of road grime caked on thereafter. Progressive Insurance however, I am not happy with. I haven’t shared the minutiae of my dealings with them, but If anybody has had positive experiences with other insurance companies please leave a comment and let me know.


It wasn’t a great ride home from the shop. Riding in NYC sucks. It took over an hour to get home from the shop and my clutch is so tight that shifting in traffic was a pain in the ass. Because of that I did not ride to the bike show at Brooklyn Bowl this past weekend. But I did go. Pictures to come. I have to knock out some college credits before I have time to tweak the bike to my comfort level and go through my photos. Soon life should be back to normal and I will be happily rolling along.

Bike Show at Brooklyn Bowl

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May 22, 2016


The National Bison Legacy Act

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UPDATE: MAY 9, 2016

Obama Signs Law Making Bison the First National Mammal

Original post: MAY 2, 2016

Passing the Senate and House of Representatives last week the bison will become our first official mammal of the United States!


I’ve had numerous encounters with bison on my journeys.



One morning in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, I awoke to the craziest sounds. Loud guttural moans, snorts and enormous breaths were breaking the morning calm. I could hear chomping on the ground just outside my tent.


I unzipped the tent and had a look. The sun was just peaking over distant mountains warming the steamy backs of the beasts. It was beautiful.



These monstrous mammals roamed in a giant heard undeterred.


I decided to walk amongst them.





These glorious creatures now join the bald eagle in their well deserved spot as a national symbol of the United States.




Below is the look that you don’t want to see. This guy was the alpha male. As long as I didn’t mess with him I figured I was OK.


Besides Theodore Roosevelt National Park buffalo are also abundant in Yellowstone National Park, But I find them to be more aggressive.


My last encounter in Yellowstone nearly ended badly as I had ear plugs in and didn’t hear the bull charging from behind. Fortunately I reacted to other people reactions and darted behind a tree.



The bison in Custer State Park SD are large in number but not as big in size as those in the National Parks.



And the last place I got up close and personal with bison was at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Indiahoma, OK. Bison and longhorn steer roam freely here.



So congratulations to the bison. After nearly being wiped out during the western expansion you are now a national treasure.