Over 7 weeks in the shop!

It’s hard to believe that it took so long to get my bike back on the road after being in an accident. I am happy to put the whole incident behind me and blessed to be uninjured physically. The guys at the shop had some difficulties with getting the proper parts from Triumph. The wrong parts were sent on numerous occasions and to tell the truth the work is still not done, but the bike is ridable. There was a time that I thought insurance would declare the bike totaled and I would be on a new T120 by now. But they saved my dear Bonnie and the guys at Cycle Therapy cleaned her to the point where she looks like a new bike. I appreciate that because she was filthy from my oil leak in Minnesota last summer and the many miles of road grime caked on thereafter. Progressive Insurance however, I am not happy with. I haven’t shared the minutiae of my dealings with them, but If anybody has had positive experiences with other insurance companies please leave a comment and let me know.


It wasn’t a great ride home from the shop. Riding in NYC sucks. It took over an hour to get home from the shop and my clutch is so tight that shifting in traffic was a pain in the ass. Because of that I did not ride to the bike show at Brooklyn Bowl this past weekend. But I did go. Pictures to come. I have to knock out some college credits before I have time to tweak the bike to my comfort level and go through my photos. Soon life should be back to normal and I will be happily rolling along.

2 Responses to “Over 7 weeks in the shop!”

  1. So glad to see you and the bike back on the road! Hope the clutch loosens up and the finishing work is completed soon. Thanks for all your past posts and keep on sharing.


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