Going to Sturgis

After seeing the collection of cars in Auburn I continued my way out West with plans to stay in Tippecanoe State Park, Indiana. It turns out they wanted $23 bucks for a primitive site plus a $7 dollar day fee. F that! It’s crazy what some states charge for camping. Earlier I was talking to a guy at a nearby gas station. When I mentioned I was camping, he asked me if I was going to stay at the Broken Arrow Campground. Well, I was going to now! It was a private campground with lots of shade and showers, so that’s where I stayed. It’s one of those sites that has permanent residences as well as campers. Two old dudes on a golf cart rolled up and gave me some fire wood for the night. So that was a bonus.


In the morning I rolled in to Illinois and stopped in Pontiac where Route 66 crossed my path. There they have the Route 66 museum.


There is no admission for the museum. Just a jar for donations. At this museum they honor Bob Waldmire, an artist and Route 66 preservationist.


Bob spent decades traveling Route 66 in this VW bus.





He spent more years in this converted school bus.

00bus copy



Adjacent to the Route 66 museum is a large collection dedicated to the military.


Pontiac, Michigan also has many murals they are proud of. They have footprints on the sidewalk that you can follow to see all their murals. They have a car museum in Pontiac as well but I wanted to get to La Claire, Iowa before 6:00 pm.


The reason I wanted to get to La Claire by 6 was to visit the location of American Pickers. I rolled into the Antique Archaeology parking lot at 5:50 pm. The people there were really nice and told me to take my time.


First I had a look around the original building. There are numerous items about the shop that were from the TV show.



In the other newer building are more items from the show like this Indian they dug up from someone’s back yard.



I went north to Maquoketa Caves State Park hoping to camp for the night. When I arrived there was a sign that said Campsite Full. I was undeterred. I went into the campground and found an empty site that wasn’t reserved until the following day. Yay! This little fuzzball hung out with me for the evening.


I knew the park was called Maquoketa Caves State Park. So in the morning I went to see why it was called that. Sure enough there were caves. Quite a few of them.





I pulled over to get a sandwich at Subway. The Subway here in Anamosa sits directly in front of this place in the photo below. I really hadn’t planned on visiting the National Motorcycle Museum again, but it was right there! How could I not.



The guy at the counter told me they often rotate the collection and add to it as well. Below is something new. The bike on the left is the one intentionally crashed by Mayhem in those Allstate commercials.


The Commercial

Here you are looking at a vintage Moto Guzzi.



I’d have been an idiot not to check this place out having been so close. It’s a great museum!


A stock Knuckle! Mmmmmm!





That’s a hardcore BSA!






And my favorite, the Brough (pronounced Bruff) Superior.




The Captain!


There is a nice section dedicated to Evel. Riders must see this museum!



At NYC’s International Motorcycle Show all the vintage and custom bikes have a J&P Cycles rug under them. And I saw a billboard that said they had a vintage collection. When I got there there were no bikes, just clothes and parts.


From there I continued West.


I ended up at Fort Dodge, Iowa.


The next day was hot as hell but I made miles. I rode all the way to Valentine, Nebraska. There I got a hotel knowing I would be in a tent for the next few days.


In the morning I filled up for gas. I have a superstition on the road. If I see a hawk fly over me first thing in the morning, it is going to be a good day. I have always felt that way and hawks do fly over me often. On this morning I started rapping with this dude at the gas pump. He is Hopi, but does work with the Pine Ridge Reservation. He told me about Wounded Knee and some of the modern battles on Pine Ridge. He said when he was 12 he visited Wounded Knee. That is where the lightbulb to the understanding of responsibility went off for him. He then said it took him 4 years to earn the name given by his elders, Kisa. This means Hawk. On this morning my hawk took a human form. It’s going to be a good day!

I passed through the town of Cody. I love the old service stations.



You won’t be sliding your card into these gas pumps.


I rode up to South Dakota where I visited the site of the Wounded Knee Massacre.


Our government likes to refer to it as the Battle of Wounded Knee. Massacre is a more appropriate description.


Below is the Longhorn Saloon, an old bar in the small town of Scenic, SD. A few years ago you could have bought the whole town for $300,000. I heard a church group bought it.


Scenic is located in the Badlands. To the West are the Black Hills. And to the North (and in the next post) Sturgis!



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  1. Jack Rasmussen Says:

    We are staying at Snake Creek now until Sunday. Stop by again if you can.

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